1. Yahoo User Interface Lirary (YUI)

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Yahoo! User Interface Library is possibly one of the most agile and documented Javascript framework. It allows developers to create amazing animations and effects with just a few lines of JavaScript. The YUI2 library contains amenities and fantastic widgets, all free to download and manipulation. Yahoo! also offers powerful tools for developers.


Lightweight core of YUI and modular architecture makes it scalable, fast and robust. Built by frontend engineers at Yahoo!, Yui powers of the most popular websites in the world.


YUI API intuitive and well documented takes basic DOM manipulation for building high performance and maintainable applications in desktop browsers, mobile devices and servers.

Industrial strength

The community prosperous, a carefully architected, infrastructure and a comprehensive set of tools to help you code like a Pro, from simple web pages to complex web applications.

Free and open

YUI is free for all uses and is developed open on GitHub. Core team members can be found on the Forum and the # yui IRC channel on Freenode. Pull requests welcome!

2. Mootools

Mootools javascript framework
MooTools is a framework for programmers who already have some experience in Javascript. Is a compact, modular framework, and object-oriented. Allows flexibility and great elegance in the final code. Lately the use is growing a lot and with a fairly simple-to-use documentation.

3. mochikit

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Mochikit is a Javascript library created by Bob Ippolito, a Python developer. Is well documented, has several features and covered by automated testing. Provides functions for performing asynchronous operations (AJAX), logging, data lists, plus some DOM tools

4.Prototype javascript framework

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Prototype is an excellent framework that allows to work with Ajax in a very easy way. It simplifies the way you use Javascript and intelligently worked with returned code from a server. The Prototype has become a basic tool for developers and allows you to save more time on the development of a coding javascript ajax and gives great quantity using DOM. If you haven’t tested this framework, please take a look.

5. qooxdoo

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Qooxdoo is a visual interface library written in JavaScript that provides a large set of controls allowing the creation of rich clients in your browser, and compatibility with various browsers on various platforms, usually in AJAX applications. It takes advantage of the object-oriented features of JavaScript, a powerful hierarchy of classes.

6. dojotoolkit

Dojo javascript framework support mobile
Dojo can be downloaded from the official site in several editions. Each issue contains certain parts of the Dojo library in a Javascript file, and allows you to load other parts of the library dynamically using the import method of the Dojo. The most popular edition of Dojo’s AJAX editing, with size around 132 Kb (compressed), and includes support for asynchronous operations (for AJAX calls), Visual effects, manipulations of events and base libraries of the Dojo.

7. jQuery (one of the widely used framework)

javascript framework for cross browser
jQuery is one of the most popular tools, very versatile, that will help you focus more on what really matters: the logic to implement the solution. JQuery does not require that you learn JavaScript thoroughly. It doesn’t play you in depth with prototype inheritance, binding, this and the native prototypes. Also jQuery makes the DOM more fun!

8. mibbu javascript framework for games

javascript game framework
Mibbu is a framework that provides everything we need to create a game in Javascript quickly, and with less than 2.5 KB of code. One of the features that call more attention to Mibbu is the possibility of creating Games using either Canvas or gift. You can choose what type of render with a single function call, this way your game can run both in browsers which support Canvas, or those that do not support.

9. Google Web Toolkit

Javascript framework by Goolge
You create the AJAX front end in the Java programming language and GWT, then does the cross-compile to optimized JavaScript that works automatically with all major browsers. With the added advantage of being able to debug and iterate through the Java code line by line. When you’re ready to deploy, GWT compiles your Java source code in independent files with optimized JavaScript

10. Snackjs

snack javascript framework
SnackJS is a small and elegant framework in JavaScript that provides only the functionality that most small websites need (and with only 3 KB!), such as work more easily with arrays; efficiently retrieve and modify classes and attributes of CSS elements; Add, remove and dismiss event handlers easily; and run and manage results of basic requests of AJAX/JSON/JSONP.
This post got lots of criticism on social media for listing outdated Javascript framework. So I decided to update this post and list some more newly available javascript framework which supports MVC (Model–view–controller).


CorMVC is a jQuery based implementation of the MVC framework, simple, easy to use, less resource consumption. It can be used to develop a single page application.


Ejscript is a server-side Web framework for JavaScript, based on the ECMAScript 3.x version. Ejscript is a MVC framework also supports ORM framework for SQL databases, view control, automatic data validation based on Ajax integration, also support jQuery. It is a rapid development framework based on server-side JavaScript application.


Spine is a simple, lightweight MVC framework for JavaScript. Support for asynchronous server communication, providing Ajax and HTML5 local storage adapter with a complete model and the ORM layer.


Sproutcore offer a wide range of high-performance applications such as MobileMe. Sproutcore has a UI framework, a standard MVC framework and complete comprehensive document.


JavaScriptMVC is a JavaScript framework based on the MVC framework, through which you can simplify the development of projects, support popular browsers.


A Choco application only consists of an HTML pages, all interact with JS to complete the task. Your UI can only use HTML and CSS.


Agility.js is a MVC library for Javascript, and allows you to write code with high maintainability and re-usability in order to allow developers to quickly write Web applications using jQuery.


PureMVC, as its name suggests, it is pure tiny MVC framework, support multiple languages. PureMVC Mediator, a construct, as its name suggests, it is the implementation of the Mediator pattern, acts as a view of intermediary between API and programs. It introduced to reduce the dependency between the application and view by reducing the coupling of the whole system.


TrimJunction is an open source project, the model much like Ruby on Rails, it offers a scalable web MVC framework. One of the feature of TrimJunction is that it can save data in the memory. Then send the changes to the server once it reconnects.


ExtJS is a cross-browser, used to develop RIA (Rich iInternet Application) application JavaScript frameworks. It is available with highly customizable Web UI control library. Good design, a wealth of documents and extensible component model.

Backbone – MVC framework

Give us a framework for our client application. The idea is basically thinking about models, controls and views. Added to these also we have events (for communication between these layers) and already engaged models and methods to use services like JSON with AJAX Collections.


ZK Framework




Echo Web Framework

jQuery Tools

I will keep updating the list as I find more javascript frameworks.