Arm yourself with these tips and get better at phoneography!

Everyone today is a photographer, armed with the cameras of their smartphones. Whether is it a holiday you are on, a pretty local you see or a funny scene you wish to capture, the phone is always with you and a great shot is only a single click away. Yes smartphone are not equipped to take pictures as amazing or high quality as a SLR or a digital camera but since you are never without your phone. You are sure to capture moments and not miss them if you just shoot it with your phone.

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With newer technology and latest versions the smartphone cameras are getting better and giving higher quality images. There are numerous photo editing apps than can help you enhance the output too.

Here is a list of 10 brilliant tips to help you take better photos with an iPhone:

1. Take Landscape shots

While clicking photos turn the iPhone sideways (horizontally) and use the landscape orientation to shoot. This will help you get more into the frame, this is especially helpful while taking group shots or if the idea is to capture the background of a scenario. Taking a landscape shoot is great when viewing the images on other media like computers and television too.

2.Come closer to the subject

Shooting with too much headroom or idle space around the subject just shows an amateur shot. Make sure the maximum area in your frame is occupied by your subject. While taking portraits this could help capture facial expression and details and even give a more artistic appeal to the photo.


3.Avoid using the digital zoom of the iPhone

Make sure you physically come closer to the subject (as much as possible) and do not use the digital zoom feature of the iPhone camera. This is just a software feature that gives pixelated or blurry results.

4.Shoot more photos

To capture the moment make sure you take as many photos as possible, ma be in the first one someone blinked or the sun was too bright or maybe the angle wasn’t correct. So that your chances of getting a good photo increase take as many shots as you can.

5.Frame by going either left or right

Great photos are all about a great composition. Avoid having the subject bang in the center of the frame instead move a little right or left. This will make the photos more powerful and interesting.

6.Use natural light

Taking great photos and mastering the art is all about using light to your advantage and playing with it.

Avoid using the flash of the iPhone or the auto mode of the camera to shoot. Learn and master the use of natural light. For example on a cloudy day you can get lovely softness with natural light.

When shooting the subject outdoors make sure the sun is behind you and not behind your subject (this will give dark silhouette photos).

-Use the twilight time to shoot, hours before the sunrise (gives a lovely orange hue) and after the sunset (gives a soft blue hue)  are perfect to get amazing outdoor and landscape photos.


7. Keep the phone still

Avoid holding the phone at arm’s length to take a photo. This could make your hand shake and spoil the photo. You have to be a tripod of sorts while shooting with the iPhone so hold still, to get sharp clear photos. Make sure you hold the iPhone with both your hands and close to your chest to be sturdy and still.

8. Experiment with angles

Good photos are all about angles and frames. Whether you are taking a photo or video with your iPhone try and match the height of the subject you wish to capture. If you are taking the photo of a child maybe kneel down to take a better shot. Having the subject at eye-level is far better that titling the iPhone to take the shot. If you are shooting a video try and move the phone as slowly as possible to avoid blur.


9.Try and keep the background simple

De-clutter the background of your subjects, so the eye does not get distracted or confused while seeing the photo. Take photos of people against the blue sky or photos of food items on a flat color ground.

10. Candid shots usually turn out better

While taking people shots, try and take some non-poses, so you can capture expressions and candid moments. This will be more natural and not look too forced or predictable. Some of the most amazing photos are taken when the person isn’t aware of the fact that he or she is being clicked.


Phonegraphry has gain massive popularity and to see that just check out your phone and see how many photos you have in the library of your phone and how many you see uploaded and shared every minute on digital and social platforms. So it is time you learn these simple tips and take better photos with you iPhone.

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