SEOIf you are new to the world of SEO. First learn the lingo!
As a beginner learn the following SEO terms so that you increase you vocabulary and expand your knowledge base about the subject. Today knowing about Search Engine Optimization is essential to stay afloat if you have a blog or a website or even work with anything related to the internet.

Here is a list of 10 important SEO terms that will familiarize you with the subject:

1. Keyword

One of the first SEO terms that you must understand is ‘keyword’. A word or a group of words that represent the brand, its products or services. Keywords play a vital role, since they assist search engines and net users to know what your webpages are all about. You must use appropriate and relevant keywords in the headlines, title tags and in the content for search engines to identify with the subject matter correctly. But be careful not to over use keywords cause that could harm your rankings.

2. Anchor Text

One of the most important SEO terms is Anchor Text. It is the text that is seen highlighted as a hyperlink. And can be clicked to open a specific (linked) page on the internet. Anchor text is literally the Anchor (holder) to the respective link. It is a good idea to have content that has keyword rich anchor text, for SEO purposes. E.g. if the blog is about web design, it would greatly help your rankings to have backlinks to anchor texts like ‘web design’ itself.

3. SEM

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is the process of marketing products or services through search engines. The foundation of SEM is SEO and PPC. SEO is of course the process of optimizing webpages so as to make them appear organically in search. PPC or Pay-Per-Click is the act of buying clicks from a search engine. This clicks come via sponsored listing that appear in a search result.

4. Backlink

Back link is also known as incoming link, inlink or inward link. It is a hyperlink placed on another site that on click gets the user to your site. They are very important for SEO purpose as they affect the page ranking.

5. PageRank

One of the most commonly used SEO terms is PageRank. It is the numeric value stating how important a particular page is on the web. Google has an algorithm to compute this Rank. According to Google if a page X is linked to another page Y a vote of trust is cast from page X for page Y. The higher the number of votes a page has earned the higher its trust and value and higher will be it’s PageRank.

6. Title tag

The Title Tag is the page’s title, and is seen written in the browser when you are on that particular page. It helps the users and search engines to know what your page is all about. It is a good idea to create relevant, unique and keyword containing titles for each web page.

7. Keyword Density

In order to calculate the keyword density of a particular webpage; simply divide the total number of times a keyword appears on the page by the total number of words on that page. This too plays an important role in SEO letting the search engine know if a webpage is relevant to a keyword or not.

8.Meta Tags

Just like title tags, ‘Meta Tags’ are also .HTML tags that inform search engines about the contents of a particular page or pages. Meta Tag description don’t affect the page ranking directly but can surely help increase the clicks as they show up in search results. These descriptions must be relevant and unique so as to induce the action of clicking.

9. Search Algorithm

Another one of the SEO terms that must be clearly understood is ‘Search Algorithms, this refers to the algorithm employed by Google to look for the most pertinent and appropriate web pages for any search don’t on it. According to Google this algorithm considers some 200 different factors to compute results, such as title tags, Meta tags, how old a page is, content on the page etc.

10. SERP

The Search Engine Results Page or SERP refers to the page that comes when you put in a particular search query for a keyword on Google (or any search engine). The traffic that you get via search will depend entirely on how your page ranks in the SERPs.