Learn these cool tips and take great selfies that will surely get you more likes!

If you don’t know what a Selfie is, just look in your phone library. For sure you must have clicked a self-portrait (at least one) of yourself with your phone’s camera or maybe even digital camera and shared it on Fabebook, Snapchat or WhatsApp or just to check out how you are looking. Its popularity has reached such heights that ‘selfie’ it is actual a word in the Oxford Dictionary since 2013.

Most display pictures on social media are selfies today. The whole idea behind clicking your own snap is of course catching the moment  but also looking good (now we are all a bit narcissism aren’t we).


So here is a list of 10 easy tips that will surely help you take great selfies either from your phone or a digital camera:

1. Composition is very important  for a great selfie

There are limitations of the smart phone they aren’t equipped with the best cameras. But they are really convenient, handy and always with you. If you learn to become a pro with the phone camera it will help you click better selfies for sure.

For the best photo’s use the higher resolution camera (back facing) on the phone. Avoid flipping the camera to take a selfie. If you can’t help it and have to use the front camera make sure you are looking at the lens and not at the screen.

-Hold the phone or camera at a decent distance and not too close. So your facial features don’t look exaggerated and distorted.

-Make sure the outstretched arm doesn’t come in the frame.

2. Make sure the Background is fine

Do a background check for sure before you click. You are the main subject of the photo, but the background is important too. Just turn around and give it a check. Avoid odd distractions like a tree or a beam of light just behind your head. Maybe choose an empty or neutral backdrop if the idea is to emphasis on your face.


A lot of selfies are documentation of where you are, may be a monument or a scenic view. In such a case, offset your face from the frame and make some room for the backdrop.

3. Do a face check

Just do a quick check on hair and makeup being in place, nothing spells more doom than runny makeup or misplaced hair. Titling the face a little works well with most people but not too much because that may cause foreshortening. Experiment with expressions and moods to get the perfect selfie.

4. Take care of lighting

Light plays a very important role in any photograph. The light source must be either from the sides or front of you. If you end up standing bang in front of a very bright source (so light comes from behind you) of light your face may come out to be totally dark.

Use natural light not the build-in flash on the phone. Light from a window will add a softness to the photo.

5. Learn your good angle

Yes please accept it, you too have a bad angle. The best thing about shooting your own photos is you can camouflage your not so flattering qualities.
By taking picture from a slightly higher angle, the face look slimmer.

-And by sticking your head out a little you can hide a double chin. (yes that’s true)

6. Add a filter or effect

Try adding some cool effects to your selfie, through your phone apps. They can camouflage a lot of flaws and not so perfect complexions too. They make for great photos to be shared on social forums and add coolness to any selfie. Try out the numerous photo editing apps to really give the photo a uber cool edge.


7. Take a chill pill and don’t get stressed

Never let your selfie say you are trying too hard to look cool. There must be a natural and casual feel to the photo for it to really be impressive. It should not look to posed or staged but more like you just happen to click and looked amazing.

8. Do something different

Don’t just stand there do something interesting in your selfie. There are too many selfies all over the internet where people just sit or stand, that spell BORING. For a selfie to stand out of the crowd do something out of the ordinary, maybe adorn a fun hat, try a different expression, maybe click with your cat  in the frame, may be someone else with you in the frame, the possibilities are endless. Let you imagination take over.


9. Plan the shot

The locale is as important as the person so plan your selfie. Taking a picture in your bedroom or bathroom is a total no no. Stunning selfies come out in interesting locations. Having an interesting backdrop like an arch or a field of flowers will also add to your cool quotient, saying you are an interesting person, and not a self-centered selfie clicker.

10. Avoid over doing selfies

Do take a lot of selfies, because that will teach you what works for you, but don’t post all of them on social sites. Don’t be one of those people who posts so many selfies that people say ‘ oh god another one’. However good something is, too much is just over kill.


In the current social age looking good and having a high cool quotient is very important to survive. So learning how to click a good selfie and sharing the photos on social media, will only help you get more likes from friends and maybe even a few new friends.

If you don’t manage clicking good photos initially do not worry, you will get better at it over time as you learn the tricks and what angles or expression are your plus points.

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