With a new technologies coming every day, now many business owners prefer the ready-made solutions for creating their websites. There are plenty of websites which offer this service. So called web builders are quite popular among the people who does not have programming skills. You spend a couple of hours to create a professional looking websites for your personal use or even for your company by yourself without taking any programming or web designing lessons.

I have compiled a list of websites builders which allow users to create a full flashed website without having prior knowledge of any programming language. Each website listed here, have some advantages and disadvantages in terms of licenses, functionality and limitations. Some need you to sign-up as a premium user to take an advantage of all the features and remove all limitations, but most of them have free user sign-up with many features to take advantage of.


1and1 is one of the famous brand for domain registration and providing hosting after Godaddy. If you signup for a domain or space with 1and1 they avail big variety of website templates to begin with. They offer “free to try” service for personal websites but to get premium account and remove all other restrictions you have to spend small amount of money.



Wopop.com offers to create personal and commercial websites for free . You can sign-up for second level domain. They will attach their advertisement and add footer to your pages and limit disk space to 100 MB. They also give a huge amount of high-quality design templates. I would recommend trying their solution if you plan to create an online store .



Wix is one of the most popular free website builder with specialized in Search Engine Friendly flash sites. Users are avail with variety of templates, can create a professional online store , mobile website and even Facebook page. Free version of Wix offers second-level domain, 500 MB of disk space, built-in Google Analytics, quality support and Wix ads on your site.



Webstart offers similar solutions. However, the free version of the site includes only 5 pages, 10 MB memory limit, Webstarts footer will appear on every page of your site. Worth considering as a solution for a personal site.


Moonfruit is easy to use Web Designer sites with lots of creative templates. Free version includes one website with 15 pages. You will sign-up for the second level domain and 20 MB memory. They also embedded their advertisement within your pages. Moonfruit generates optimized mobile version of your webpage, which is not integrated in any of the other website’s service.



Yola offers free and various paid versions, free version includes 3 pages, 1GB bandwidth. They also offers technical support, built-in statistics and 1 GB of disk space on each site. They publish your website on their subdomain which is the second-level domain. Of course, Yola offers many other interesting solutions, but most importantly – the ability to create three sites on one account and no advertising.



You can create a free website with Webs.com . This option includes one Web site with advertisements from Webs. it also give mobile version with bandwidth of 500 MB and 40 MB of disk space. If you want to create an online store, they have a restriction of 5 units per product.



In comparison with others, Doomby.com offers free service to attract more users. Free website from Doomby has no restrictions on the number of pages and bandwidth. It also provide second level domain, 250 MB of memory, a lot of advertising. I only don’t like their lack of free templates for e-commerce.



Tripod is another website builder with the ability to improve your web site to the premium version. Free version includes hosting for 1 site limited to 5 pages, select templates from 150 + templates, 1 GB of bandwidth per month, build statistics and $50 Google credits.



SnapPages.com provides almost all the possibilities for creating free websites . Your web site will have 5 pages and 1GB of storage. Not to say that they give any unique offer, but a large amount of positive feedback forced to pay attention to this site.

Let’s Eat

lets eat

If you work in the restaurant industry and want to create a web site, Let’s Eat is your best friend. Free version is optimized for mobile applications. You will be limited to the placement of photos and text. You are provided with features to integrate Google Analytics, OpenTable and Google maps.