There is no doubt that smartphones are getting popular day by day and new thousands of new apps are arriving daily in app stores. This has created a map of unprecedented opportunities for the market for mobile applications . This has been a real boost for developers and companies that have been in this field already. But its not an easy task to compete in this emerging market. One of the reason is that it requires programming knowledge which is complex, in fact it is not necessary to know programming to create a mobile applications. To make your task easier, we discuss some awesome tools that helps you create your first mobile app with any prior programming knowledge.

There are already various services available in market that allows you to create mobile applications from scratch for different mobile platforms. They show you step by step guide to customize the editing interface design and configure the functions of basic applications. Once you are done with design the tool will guid you to compile your application for chosen platform. At the end it will guide you how to publish your app in the app store.

Upplication: Helps you create apps for Android and iOS, targeted to small and medium enterprises. It is best for both simplicity when creating an app and for the price. Apps are aimed for e-commerce on mobile for any business.

Creapp: Creapp is one of the wizards to create mobile applications from scratch, it is more famous for its simplicity. It also has a powerful visual editor that lets you create and configure different types of applications in just 5 steps and you don’t need programming skills.

Creapp provides a good catalog of pre-designed templates to help newbies to create their first application. They can chose template and customize it according to their needs. Furthermore, Creapp allows the possibility of integrating interesting features in projects such as online ordering systems, payment gateway for online shops and other useful services for small and medium enterprises. After you have completed the project, it allows your to import the project for different platforms like Android, iOS and HTML5.

GoodBarber: One of the strength of this tool is that it allows user to highly customize their design along with more than 37 connectors where you can extract the contents from websites, blogs such as WordPress, TypePad, social networks .

The Apps Builder is another interesting tool to design and publish your own mobile application quickly and easily with zero programming skills.

It comes with huge template gallery available for designing the interface of your application, plus the ability to set-up everything step by step and without knowing knowing a single programming knowledge.You can add modules such as News, Photos, Videos Podcasting Store, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, Website, Radio, PDF, Text, Code, Wall chat, Contacts, Maps, Text Messaging, Call and Email to your application.

Bizness Apps : One of the most comprehensive global platform as it has many features. One of the best tool to create your website app easily with highly configurable themes. With zero programming knowledge it helps you create beautiful mobile apps & mobile websites.

Mobincube App Builder is one of the most complete mobile application generators that allows best customization deals. It offers a comprehensive assistance service in the field of programming, with a big gallery of pre-designed templates for different content type.

They provide greater degree of freedom in terms of graphics and visual editing interface. The integration of functionality in the application is quite intuitive and practical. They offers the ability to export the project for major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, HTML5, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

BlackBerry App Generator lets you create applications for different versions of the BlackBerry operating system without any knowledge of programming. An interesting tool if you are more focused on created and application for content creator, you can use the RSS feed from any web page to automatic create the content for your application. Once you have RSS feed you just have to customize your interface, icons, banners and other elements.

App Makr : Create apps compatible with iOS and Android in a fairly easy way. You can add modules and create and tabbed App. Fairly simple interface and highly customizable.

Instapp is another useful tool to create your mobile app with any programming knowledge. It is a good platform for creating applications for iPhones, Android phones and Windows 8 . Undoubtedly, an interesting tool that will serve to have more than one platform to create an application for.

Yapp is a tool that has an editor so user can create their own application for smartphones like Android and iPhones without having to spend a single dollar. Yapp is free but there are also payment options for professional programmers with more features.

The fact is that the business of mobile applications is growing like wildfire. The market is still unexplored and anyone with a good idea can develop and distribute their application without having any programming or engineering knowledge.