Whatever we write a cover letter for resume, speech for presentation, post on your blog or business proposal for your company. We need to write compelling, interesting, unique content. We need to write something that pulls the reader like a magnet. Some people have talent and they write something which magnetically attractive people. But there are a few simple methods that will allow any writing looks more convincing. Here are ten ways to help you write a compelling and attractive content that can make your reader happy and they come more and more to your blog.

No Hedging – Play Safe

“Hedging” is when you are trying to hedge their bets in advance of any unforeseen circumstances and get around all the obstacles. Here’s an example: “today, almost all the girls in high school feel at least some affinity for vampires.” Hedging is the use of the phrases “almost all”, and “at least some”. This may be true, but the words get too soft and friable, they lack credibility. Instead, you can say: “today, students of secondary schools like vampires.”

Repeat the phrase

Repetition establishes structure and rhythm in speech or in the text. Our brain that loves the rhythm and repetition is the source which helps you achieving that. Repetition pulls the reader into the flow of your writing. Repetition is not at all difficult to use. Repetition is annoying only if they are abused :).

Try not to use the passive voice

Passive voice swaps the subject and object in a sentence. Example: the boy hit the ball “— this is normal, and the passive voice, this is the Ball that struck the boy. Note that using more words did not pledge to support for further information: generally, it is a disturbing sign of “loose” text. Use of passive voice is not always wrong, but I would say that passive voice isn’t always wrong?


It doesn’t matter how good your syllable — most people do not read more than the first few sentences. may be little bit more and they will start to skim. You are viewing this article “diagonally”, right? I am sure you didn’t even read the proposal. Your policy should be just write less.

Use short sentences.

Short sentences are easy to read. They are easily digested. They allow you to follow each argument. Sometimes-especially long sentences separated by a dash is a good way to highlight anything. But if you think short sentences are incompatible with great style, read by Stephen King, Hemingway or Tolstoy.

Provoke and not solve

If you write a fundamental report, the Council may not be applicable to it. But if you’re just trying to be persuasive, do not attempt to answer all objections in one sitting. After all, your goal is to give a voice to another person. He may ask you about the features of your product, or to call you to talk about assumptions about your competitor ‘s, may wish to double-check something before scheduling an interview, and so on. Do not attempt to smash into Smithereens, let people do it for you!

Eliminate unnecessary adjectives

Most adjectives and adverbs do not have additional information, they just take up space and bring the boredom in your text. Here’s an example: “I am very interested in the fast planning personal interview”. Delete the adjectives, and you get the same, but more precise meaning: “I am interested in scheduling an interview.

Tell a story

I knew a guy , who couldn’t understand why people may not understand the benefits of the software. He painted his features and benefits with the appropriate markings, but people are still being drowned in the information. Then he wrote one paragraph story about how one of his customers saved $ 125 using its software. After the sale he went much faster.

Write informally

Of course, writing informally is not meant to write “professional”. And Yes, of course, the use of such phrases as “type” and “kind of” violates the rule of brevity. But, as a rule, to write the way you speak is very reasonable. Informality helps you prove yourself a real person, not tedious in a robot-like copywriter. It is clear that this can begin to strain, so, in short, do not go around and just let understand what it was about.

They say that first impressions are the most important, but often what you write can be for someone’s first impression about you! So take your time and make sure that your words brimmed with magnetism.