Yahoo! Inc. is a well known giant in the internet world. Founded in 1994 by Jerry Yang and David filo it has its headquarters in California and has always been a pioneer with ideas and products for internet users. Synonymous with Yahoo Mail and Yahoo search it has ventures into various services over the years like News, Weather, Sports, Finance etc. most of which are also customized for your mobile.

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Here is a list of all the 10 Yahoo Apps that are available for your mobile.

And work hard to make your mobile look good along with making your everyday work easier:

1.Yahoo! Mail

Download from iTunes here.

This App is design for multitasking, it lets you see your mail, customize news viewing, gives you local news updates, enables you to search on any topic, gives stock updated and sports information. With 1TB of free storage space it’s a great App to manage your mail. This App even sends you notifications when new emails come in so you never miss any action. And all this comes in a cool looking easy to use UI.


2.Yahoo Weather

Download from iTunes here.

One of the most amazing looking Yahoo Apps, that brings the weather forecast right to the palm of your hand. It not only gives you accurate weather updates but lets you see  the conditions of your current location via Flickr photos. This App even won the Apple Design Award in 2013. Some stunning features of the Yahoo weather App are, the animated sunset, sunrise, interactive maps and options of getting 5 day and 10 day forecasts.


3. Yahoo!

Download from iTunes here

Practically making anything possible by putting the world in a single App, is what Yahoo! App does. Its streams stories from around the globe in a summarized form for easy access. You can choose from business, entertainment, finance, Health, Media, Sports or any category you prefer and know more about and customize the way it is broadcasted to you. Coupled with stunning images and visual cards this App makes every news really look good.


4.Yahoo Search

Download from iTunes here.

This is surely a one of the most useful Yahoo Apps. It makes search easy and gives you the appropriate answers in no time at all that too on the first click itself. You can opt for localized results if you are on the move too. With helpful prompts from the ‘search assist’ to make your search more accurate and ‘voice search’ that makes search a hands free task, Yahoo search is surely a must have App for any mobile user.


5. Yahoo Finance

Download from iTunes here

This Apps works hard to keep you up to date with the Market. It’s a new addition to the Yahoo! App family with real-time financial alerts, stock news and article summaries, it’s the perfect App to stay on top of the Market. With a neat and intuitive usability this App makes Financial news look good and easy to assimilate.


6.Yahoo Sports

Download from iTunes here

An App to keep your Sporty side well informed. Fast live score updates, sports news standings and detailed stats of your favourite teams, players and leagues. It gives east access  in lesser time than most Apps its kind. Perfect for any sports junkie.


7. YAHOO Fantasy

Download from iTunes here

Yahoo Fantasy is the number 1 fantasy game App. With real time player updates, expert analysis and a set of tools to help you select and manage your team. This App was called the The Best Fantasy Mobile App, FSTA. You can play Fantasy Baseball, Hockey, Basketball and Football all in one App.


8.Yahoo Screen

Download from iTunes here

The Yahoo Screen App is perfect to watch yahoo videos online. Whether you prefer comedy or daily soaps, romance or drama, it has it all. Saturday Night Live, Comedy Central Clips, South Park, Corbert Report and John Stewart’s daily show are amongst the most popular Yahoo original contents that are views here.



9.Yahoo news

Download from iTunes here

One of the must have Yahoo Apps is Yahoo News. It will keep you in the know of what’s happening around the globe. With headlines and in-dept coverage about top global news all delivered to your mobile. All that you need to know and is important will be on this App every day in a summarized form along with visuals so you can keep your self informed.


10. Yahoo Flickr

Download from iTunes here

This app gives you access to the billions of beautiful images and photos from Flickr. You can take stunning videos and photos simply save them and then access them from anywhere when you want. This app lets you add effects and edit your photos and share them with ease too via Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.