Google Docs and spreadsheet pluginsRecently Google has introduced the Add-ons for Google Docs and spreadsheets that certainly make the Google Docs more productive and useful. If you have not tried them yet, open any document or spreadsheet in Google Drive and look for new add-ins menu.

Just for FYI, Google Docs add-ins also have extensions for Google Chrome. The Chrome extensions add new features to your browser, plug-ins extend the functionality of Google Docs and spreadsheets.

Plug-ins for Google Docs and spreadsheets

Google store for Chrome had more than 50 Add-ons just for Google Drive at the time their release. Here are some of the favorites that you must have in your Google Docs.

1. EasyBib – Cite books, journal articles and web sites, add them to your documents from Google in  Chicago-style.

2. Gliffy  Create flow chart quickly and easily in your Google document using this add-on.

3. LucidChart – Create models of sites, flow charts and other drawings within your Google documents.

4. Leaves of mapping – Create a spreadsheet with a list of places and this plug-in draw them on Google Maps.

5. HelloFax – Can now send a fax to any number worldwide directly from your Google account using Google documents. The free version allows you to send a fax maximum of 5 pages.

6. MailChimp – Send emails in bulk using MailChimp. You don’t have to go through your Gmail account.

7. MindMeister – Create a bulleted hierarchical list in Google Docs and MindMeister convert that list in a visual mind map.

8. TextHelp – This is like a yellow flag to your Google Doc. Select and highlight passages and save annotations in a separate document.

9. Analytics Canvas – Helps to import reports from Google Analytics in Google spreadsheets for further analysis.

10. Pandoc – You can send the current to a client from Google Docs to request legal signature for binding.

11. Avery – Create address within Google Docs for labels printing .

12. Sudoku – Create and solve the puzzle game Sudoku inside Google spreadsheet.

13. UberConference – You can have an audio conference with up to 10 people while working in a Google document. Also, there is an option to record the call.