cartoon_makingCartoon strips have an amazing childlike quality that almost always attracts eyeballs. If used well they can express the most complex of issues is a light hearted visual manner.

As a designer it’s always a good idea to experiment with different ways to express content or support it. Or in general try out new tools to boost your creativity. Whether you are highly creative and skilled with drawing or just a novice who feels like using cartoons or comic style in your design, there are numerous tools out there that can help.

Here is list of 4 such cartoon making tools (that are FREE) to get you started, and give your creativity a boost:



Chogger is very popular amongst the cartoon making tools. Being simple and fun to use it has gained mass popularity with all levels of designers to create comic like images. It allows the user to import images of their own to be used in the comic strips and also publish the final work easily. You can make a login with Chogger to publish them under your own username or just publish them anonymously by default.



Out of all the cartoon making tools this one is the most versatile and user friendly. Helping designers make sharp, unique and extremely creative cartoons. Toondoo has a huge library of objects and characters that you can use in the cartoons you create. It also has tools that can help you create your own characters if you wish to take a more creative approach. The site has an option to save work-in-progress projects that you may wish to complete later, this is an option that is not available with most other websites.



There may be numerous Cartoon making tools available online for you to use but pixton is one of the best for sure. It is great to create something customised with high levels of details. Like you can choose what shirt your character will wear, adjusting parameters of shape, sleeve length,color, collar type, size and lots more. You can choose to use pre-set designs or character poses or emotions or tweak them according to your specific need and liking. Pixton also has an option to import images from Google and Flickr to use in the comic creations. This is great for artist who wish to give emphasis to detail and customize every little bit of the design.


Make Beliefs Comix

Make Beliefs Comix is the forth on this list of Cartoon making tools. It is very simple to use and has an option to create designs in various foreign languages too. There are numerous layout you can choose from to create your comic.i.e. two, three or more frames. The creator of Make Beliefs Comix is Bill Zimmerman and the art is by Tom Bloom. And they are constantly adding to the bank of images and character that are available to use and experiment with while creating the cartoon strips.



Comic strips and cartoons speak to people of all ages. And have been used for time immemorial to convey ideas and content in both print and digital media successfully. As a designer try out these 4 cartoon making tools and see how you can give a lovely spin to all your designs or add a new angle to the layouts.