test_mobile_versionWith the onslaught on the Mobile revolution it has become necessary for any person or business, whether small or big, who has a website to have a mobile version too. And since most people today access the web via their mobiles it is even more important to test mobile version of the site so as to make sure the user experience is seamless and glitch proof.

In the development stage you may have to test mobile version of the site on different handsets and operating systems. And since you cannot physically check the site on every handset in the market it makes sense to use online apps to do this work for you.

These online apps are equipped with tools that can easily analyze the site showing errors and then you can optimize the site as per the errors than appear. These tools are actually online emulators that allow you to view and test your website on a stimulated mobile screen.

Here is a list of 4 great apps to test mobile version of your site:


A service to help you analyze along with test mobile version of your site created by dotMobi, is Ready.Mobi. It will provide an analysis of the mobile version, check if it is optimized well and also give you the results in an easy to understand graphical way. This service lets you check a single page of the website without any registration but in order to check a complete website you will need to create an account and then proceed further.

W3C mobileOK Checker

The W3w MobileOk Checker as the nomenclature clearly suggests is a tool to test mobile version of a site and check its mobile-friendliness after running appropriate tests. To use this tool just visit the website and past the URL of the site you wish to test and click Enter. The MobileOK checker will throw up a list of errors (if any) after running a check and also give you suggestions on how to rectify the errors mentioned. If your site passes the test it is called MobleOK.

Google Mobile Testing

Another free service that can help make you site mobile friendly is from the house of Google. This service is a quick and easy way to test mobile version of your site. Just visit the website and past the URL of your website in the space provided and press GO. The website will be shown in the mobile format and you can easily identify problem areas and rectify them quickly.


Since a lot of people view and browse the internet via their iPads or iPhones, it makes sense to check the compatibility of your site on these devices. And then proceed to optimize the design and layout accordingly. To do so just use iPadPeek.com, a FREE and very user friendly service.  Simply visit  this site and past the URL in the browser of the illustrated iPad, iPhone4 or iPhone4s browser space and press enter (like you would on the actual device). Voila! you will immediately see how the site will look, feel and appear on the various Apple screens.


Most people today access the internet from the very palm of their hand’s .i.e. via their smart phones. So it has become very important now to have a responsive site for any business or service.

The 4 apps listed above are great tools to Test Mobile Version of your website and check if it performs and looks fine on the small screen. As per the findings you can easily change or modify the website so as to make sure it works well and gives the user an appropriate experience.