The way a website looks and makes the users or readers feel is an important factor in its click through rate. Since the digital world is all about the visual that lead in the eyeballs. And to make your job as a designer easy there are many websites today that offer Downloadable Website Headers that you can easily use in your design. That too without paying anything at all. Most of these sites allow you to download original source files (i.e. Photoshop PSD or Illustrator AI files) and also various sizes of the header image.  Once you have downloaded a header you can easily edit it by adding text, re-coloring, resizing or making other changes to it as per your specific requirement before you actually use it.

Here is a list of 4 such great sites that offer FREE Downloadable Website Headers:

A good resource for Downloadable Website Headers, ThemeHeader is perfect for web designers and blog designers who wish to customize their layouts. You can easily edit and change the headers after downloading them (by changing the size of the header or adding text or even changing the colors of the images on the header), so as to get a unique design like none other. Make sure you choose a header that goes with the look and feel of your site or template and compliments the content.


Another great place to find FREE Downloadable Website Headers is FreeWordPressHeaders. They have an amazing collection of high quality headers that can be easily used to enhance and improve the appeal of any WordPress site or blog. The headers can be easily resized and edited via any photo editing software post download, a good idea is to add you website name to customize the look. They have various categories and a huge library so you are sure to find what you are looking for here.


FreeWebPageHeaders as the name clearly says is a place to find Downloadable Website Headers for FREE. All you have to do is give the website a simple attribute on your design. The designs are available in JPG format of 600 by 200 pixel dimension.  You can simply click a thumbnail of a design that you like and view or download it to use. They have a huge library of headers that are all ready to use and will add oodles to you site so go on give it a try!


A premium source for downloadable website headers is With more than 4000 blog headers, website headers and banners images this site is a must visit and use for all designers who wish to find some quality images  for both personal and business use in site designs. The images are available in two sized on this site 1024 by 300 pixels and 800 by 200pixels, so you can easily blow up the images or a part of it too if you wish. They have more than 23 categories and numerous sub categories so you can be rest assured you will find something that is just for you.



A header is the graphic that leads the page and must be thoughtfully chosen and used. It holds the true essence of what the page or particular section entails.

And Since visual appeal and imagery have become very important elements of any website today. Having appealing headers is one such way to attract viewers so as to lead them into the content. The headers must be appropriate to the nature of your content or your website and interesting enough to force the visitors to stick on and read futher or explore more of the page.