5_best_design_blogsAs a designer you have to constantly be learning new things, exploring the unexplored and show yourself out there. It is a very competitive world for any designer, your work must be seen by potential clients and your portfolio must speak volumes of your skill.

Recently quite a few designers have taken to blogging to do just this and to explore the cyberspace to its fullest. There are a few noteworthy design blogs that have come into the limelight in the past year, as a designer you must check these out and expand the realms of your own creativity too.

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Here is a list of 5 of the best design blogs that are must visit:


Abduzzedo is surely one of the best design blogs out there. Started by Graphic Deisgner Fabio Sasso back in 2006, this highly inspirational blog has a section for  Photoshop tutorials, many discussions on typography, logos, chats with designers and a few technical case studies on specific subjects too. Fabio had actually started this blog as a way to back up his work files after his computer was stolen but today it has grown to be one of the best design blogs with quality content and high volumes of traffic. You must check out this blog and follow it regularly to see some new and fun trends in design.



Gurafiku was also listed as one of the best design blogs for 2013. Started by designer Ryan Hageman this blog concentrates on the evolution of Japanese graphics and designs over the years. Gurafiku actually means ‘graphic’ in Japanese. The blog is a beautifully illustrated story that talks about western and eastern graphic design and illustration, drawing attention to the various similarities and differences between the two. It is a highly educational and immensely engaging blog that is a must read for any designer who wishes to learn more about design and about the different design sensibilities that exist around the world.


Laughing Squid Links

Founded in 1995 by Scott Beale, Laughing Squid Links is also featured amongst the best design blogs today. It talks about much more than just design, with numerous inspirational features on art, culture and technology. Spiced up with interesting news bits, sprinkled with humor and a huge fan base makes Laughing Squid Links a blog that designers love visiting every now and then to get inspired or just for a light laugh. laughing_squid


Run and curated by the Wallpaper* Magazine website  this blog is another inspirational and must check out design blog for anyone passionate about design. It pulls out interesting designs articles and market analysis from the Wallpaper* magazine to showcase on its pages. The design of this blog is very clean mostly black and white that make the experience of browsing very pleasant and navigation easy too. Other subjects that appear on these pages are fashion, technology, travel, books, lifestyle and architecture.



The last of this list of best design blogs but surely not the least is Baubauhaus, which is curated by Stefan Lucut and Andrei Don. Making full use of the aesthetics of a Tumblr site design, this site is very graphic and visually rich to look at. It is full of great examples of photography, design, illustration and fashion. There are also a few free resources for graphic and web designers tucked away in the pages by Don and Lucut. The blog showcases fresh upcoming designer’s portfolios providing them with a much needed platform. Some of the posts and visuals are a bit explicit and sexy, so this blog  must be browsed with caution.



Design is ever changing and as a designer you must keep up with what is new. It is a good idea to follow blogs like this to tickle your creativity or just see what is happening in your field around the globe.