As a web designer, the main task at hand is not just to create a good looking site and hand it over. But to make sure it is successful too and works for the client. The website must have stickiness, so that it not only attracts visitors but makes sure they spend ample time on the site. In order to do this the site has to be visually attractive, well finished and highly professionally done, so that it grabs eyeballs and makes them stay.

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There are numerous tools that are available to a designer to improve the look and feel of a site like layout, design, colour, texture, text and text size. This post concentrates on the aspect of text and which kind of text style .i.e. font will you use to increase the visual appeal of the site. As a web designer searching for great font and using beautiful typography is very important. Try and stay away from dull and done to death web font types and work in getting an edge by using avant-garde font families. Or even newer fonts that are twists on older masters.

Now I have made your job easy instead of you going and looking for web fonts on the internet and spending oodles of cash and time. Here is a list of 5 great web fonts that have been tried and tested by the pros and come highly recommended:

1. Signika Light

Download it from Google fonts here

This San-serif (without the little horizontal lines on the end) font type had a gentle feel to it. It is perfect to use for clear and bold reading like sign ages and boards. Signika is great for small size font usage, so it perfect for content or main body of the site. This should be part of the must use web fonts portfolio  to give style and usability.

2.  Josefin Slab

Download it from Google fonts here

A geometric and smooth font type. It is just right to use for display purposes on the site. It follows the font styles of the 1930’s but has a modern appeal to it. It reminds one of the typewriter style and is sure to add an edge to all your web designs.

3. Nexa (Light and Bold)


Download it from FontFabric here

Nexa in a nicely rounded font that’s adds a clean look, in both light and bold variants . It has impeccable legibility on the web and is good to use for headlines. This too is great for use in smaller sizes (in light variant).

4.  Code Pro

Download it from Dafont here

A family of fonts that looks like the famous Futura and Avant Garde San Serif masters but with a modern edge. Code Pro is clean, smart and legible. It is great to use in both print and web layouts, for both static and motion purposes. And it is a bit surprising it is free since it look very premium and slick. Make sure you start using it. Coz it’s sure to get your designs some top grades.

5. Montserrat

Download it from Google fonts here

Montserrat is free font but looks like Gotham and Proxima Nova with are highly recommended but cost a bomb. This font has a geometric look that is fresh, clear and loud. Montserrat too has a very clean look and is legible in all font sizes.

Please enjoy and understand the importance of font design in any media. They alone can do wonders to any design. If you wish to look for other free web fonts check out this article.