Most people use Microsoft office for editing purpose. Some intermediate users use it for creating presentations, keeping track of meetings and some other stuffs. Many of us don’t know that new Microsoft office equipped  with variety of useful and innovative features. In this article we talk about some lesser-known features of the Microsoft Office suite, which significantly improve your productivity and make your work easier while using Microsoft Office.

How to increase battery life


If you work most of your time on laptop, you should take a note that tweak certain settings to decrease your battery consumption. While creating quick notes and organizing personal information OneNote option is responsible for Optimizing mobile and PC battery life. Appendix regularly performs background activities such as indexing the data, handwriting recognition and notebooks synchronization. You can choose the option from settings which eventually increase the battery life by lowering the frequency of these actions.

How to Hide massive ribbon bar


Working on tablet or tiny netbook sometime makes it messy with massive menu on the top. There is a setting which allows you to turn off a massive menu with controls and thus increase the useful capacity of vertical screens. There is an arrow button in the upper right corner next to the help icon. Clicking the button slide the menu up and makes more space for your writing.

How to Interact with online video services


This function is used for creating and conducting PowerPoint presentations. When you have to insert flash movies from the internet it greatly simplifies the process of preparing multimedia materials designed for your audience. To add a video from YouTube, Vimeo, YouTube or from any other video sharing website, you simply require to go to  “Insert -> Video -> Video from a website” and then copy paste the HTML code that you have obtained from the website.

Interaction with social media

You can use Office 2010 toolkit Social Connector you can connect to any social media directly from your outlook personal information manager to keep track of the activity of colleagues on LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook and Windows Live. Number of networks you can connect is limited right now but Microsoft is working with third-party developers  to expand the support to other social networks.

To connect your outlook to social media, first you have to download the plugin for each social network. Below are the list of social network that are currently supported by Microsoft

facebook linkedin msn video xing

After installing appropriate add-on for Outlook re-open the program and in go to menu “View -> People Pane -> Account Settings” to configure your accounts for social network. If done properly, you would be able to see your friends in your outlook window.

How to convert presentation in to videos


If we are talking about PowerPoint, it is not superfluous to mention that the new version is leveraged with converter utility which is very handy in converting presentation in to videos. The converted video format is Windows Media Video (WMV) which is windows standard.

Go to toolbox located in the “File -> Save & Send -> Create a video.” Application features allow you to control the quality of converted video, record narration and manipulate time for each slide.

How to send SMS using Outlook


Another curious feature of Microsoft Office, To send SMS from your Outlook, click on “New Item” from menu and select “Text Message (SMS)”. Go through the wizard and select your service provider to complete your account.. After completing the settings , you can send SMS to your friends mobile using Outlook anytime. Do not forget that this is not free and your provider will charge you for each SMS you send using your outlook. Also there is a 160 character limit to send SMS.