fitness_appsFitness is on everyone’s mind today. So whether you want to shed those extra pounds, boost your exercise regimen or just stay motivated on your daily workout, download these great fitness apps today! They will turn your iPhone into your strictest trainer ever and keep you on track by constantly motivating and challenging you towards a fitter and more active you.

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Here is a list of 5 of the best fitness app for your iPhone:

1. Obstacles XRT – Extreme Reality Training

Obstacles XRT makes exercising fun. No more boring treadmill runs or sit-ups, you can turn wherever you are into an extreme obstacle course and spice up your regime. You can escape quicksand, jump over tires, crawl under fences or even climb walls. This app uses plyometrics and High Intensity Interval Training to get your body fat burning and blood flowing. It is a great calorie burner and intensive exercise meant for pushing your fitness limits.

Designed for both iPad and iPhone
Price $1.99

2. Couch-to-5k

As the name suggests this app is to get you from being a couch potato to running 5k. One of the most motivating fitness apps, Couch-to-5k is designed by The Active Network Inc. It has helped many novice runners to get to the finish line. The program trains you thirty minutes a day, three days a week for a span of nine week to get you ready for a 5k run (3.1 mile race). There are virtual trainers who talk to you and motivate you. It has quite a few features and numerous customized options that can help you design a workout plan just for you.

Designed for both iPad and iPhone
Price $1.99

3. Zombies, Run!

One of the most creatively deigned fitness apps is Zombie Run! It is sure to help you get into shape that too fast. This app is a game and a crazy fitness app that is an audio adventure to keep you on your toes. Just put on your headphone and play the app to her zombies than seem to be chasing you, and you have to run for your life. Co- created by Naomi Alderman who is an award winning novelist this game is highly addictive and immensely engaging. There are more than 8000000 people running from the zombies already.

Designed for both iPad and iPhone
Price $3.99

4. FitJourney – Weight & Shape Tracker

One of the many must have fitness apps is FitJouney. It is designed to keep a record of your weight and measurements by the use of photos. Weight is not the most appropriate benchmark for fitness, keeping this in mind this app tracks down your daily workout, keeps BMI records, weight data , statistics, diet details and more. It is password protected and allows easy sharing of details and stats via social media too. This app is really good if you wish to see the progress in your fitness levels and reach your goal by keeping on track.

Designed for both iPad and iPhone
Price FREE

5. BMI Calculator

One of the most useful fitness apps is the BMI or Body Mass Index calculator. This is a free app for the iPhone or iPad that can help you keep a check on your body fat. It is an easy to use app that will tell you whether you are obese, underweight or just the right weight. You can change the setting from centimeter to inches and kilograms to pounds if you want.

Designed for both iPad and iPhone
Price FREE



Getting into shape requires perseverance, constant motivation and a push. These brilliant fitness apps provide the much needed push. So make sure you download them today to help you get into shape soon.