With huge amounts of content continuously being added to the net and its easy accessibility to all, the issues with plagiarism are a rising concern. If you own a blog or a website and ask someone to write content for you, you must make sure it is original and not just a copy –past job i.e. content picked from another online source. To do so you must use a tool to check plagiarism.

In case you are a blogger yourself and may have taken some information from a website to write your article. It is  important to know you did not over step when it comes to scraping information, here again you must use such tools to see the originally of your post.


The oxford dictionary defines plagiarism as ‘the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.’

There are strict rules against it. So better be careful. Here is the list of 5 FREE tools to help you Check plagiarism:

Small SEO Tools

This one is by far my favorite FREE tool to check plagiarism. Because it is really simple to use and require no downloads or logins of any kind. Simply copy the content you wish to check into the box provided,  type in the CAPTCHA code and click the ‘check for plagiarism’ green button. And the site will immediately start its job by scanning every bit of the article and showing up red text wherever an issue appears. Along with the sources from where the content may be copied. This tool has a count limit of 1500 words, but don’t worry just break up content into smaller chunks ( if you have lengthier text to check) and get the job done.


Another free tool to check plagiarism is Dupli Checker. Simply copy and paste content  into the box provided or upload the content you wish to scan and press ‘search’. The site will quickly scan the content and show its analysis within seconds. Again this tool has a word limit of 1500, but you can work around it by breaking up your content. Dupli Checker makes sure each sentence of the content is properly scanned and in its detailed analysis shows the websites from where the content may be copied, in case it is not original.


A great way to check if content submitted to your site is copied from any other online resource is plagiarismchecker.com. It is used by a lot of teachers to check the authentication of the papers of their students. The site also has a URL checker. And to top it all the use of this tool required no downloads or installations of any kind.


Another free online tool to check plagiarism is plagiarisma.net . This has a search box on the webpage itself that you can use but also has a software you can download (for Windows users). You can check for content in DOC, PDF, DOCX, HTML,RTF and TXT formats along with checking for URLs. This tool is very popular amongst student and teachers too. Plagiarisma also has an option for you to email the content analysis, this is very useful if you have to share the report with someone else or show a proof of the same.


The last of this list of free ways to check plagiarism  but surely not the least is Plagscan by SeeSources.com. It is very easy to understand and use, simply paste the text you wish to scan into the box and click search. The system will scan the text and show you the problem areas if any. SeeSources can check content in HTML, MS Word or any other text format and had a word limit of 1000.