Losing of important files is very unpleasant and it makes it worse if the lost files are photographs. But if you suddenly remember the time you removed it from your system,there are chances that you could able to restore them back. There are many programs for logical data recovery, and among them there are many good free data recovery software.

The main causes of data loss are:

  • Physical disk or portable disk failure, often defective portions became unreadable due to “bad blocks”.
  • File system damage due to insufficient power supply or exposure to the virus, malfunction etc.
  • Accidentally deletion of important files by other users.

In the first two cases will likely have to remove the drive from our computer system and seek the help of data recovery specialists who have the required set of technology, knowledge and experience. 
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Best Windows Software to Recover Deleted Files


In other cases, most of the time files can be recovered at the workplace by leveraging special file recovery software. It is faster, cheaper, and you don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your data.

How does recovery software restore deleted files

In Windows, the metadata of all the files on the disc are stored in a special table “Master File Table”. This MFT is represented as the library catalog, which indicates where the file is located on the memory. When a file is deleted, it is physically not erased from disk, but the metadata for the file is deleted from MFT.

If the overwrite old file has not happened yet, it is easy to restore it back. Data recovery software scans a record for all files marked as removed and prompts the user to recover them back. If the file is already been overwritten. In that case, it is most likely that restore will not succeed.

Best Software to recover Deleted Photographs

Below we have listed some best software to recover picture files. It is hard to find free photo recovery software but all the software we have listed are absolutely free and supports the most common file system for Windows (FAT16/32 and NTFS).



The software has gained significant popularity as one of the first free software for file recovery. Recuva is the brainchild of the British company Piriform, which is also famous for its other utilities software CCleaner. In addition to hard drives, the program can work with flash drives and players and iPod. It also helps in securely delete the file.

Recuva supports two modes of searching files: fast and slow deep surface, in which it does the by-sector analysis of the disk. The program interface is simple and straightforward. Initially starts with wizard that prompts you to select the type of recoverable files. If you want to go directly to the main window you can quit wizard, which is sometimes more convenient to advance users.

PC Inspector File Recovery


This utility is created by the British company CONVAR. Quality of recovered files from PC Inspector slightly higher than Recuva. The program will also work for lost disk partitions that are not recognized by the operating system, which happens most of the time due to hardware failure.

The disadvantages includes, PC Inspector has not too obvious interface. Certain difficulties arise with the restoration of heavily fragmented (scattered disk space) files. When the program starts, a window appears where you can specify exactly what happened with your files. You can start your system scan after that.

After completion of the scanning process, you will see a window with the found files. All the deleted files will be found in the “Deleted” folder. All lost or damaged files due to drive folders would be placed in “Lost” folder. You can also use the option to search for the files (the label with a magnifying glass on the left side of the window).

Pandora photo recovery


This is another well-proven Photo recovery program (especially when it comes to lost pictures). It finds accidentally deleted files and can also recover lost data after disk formatting. It finds is difficult while recovering files which are not readable due to filesystem corruption. When you install Pandora Recovery don’t forget to un-check the extra bonus offers which are unnecessary.

When you start your application to recover deleted pictures, first thing you have to choose the correct answer “How did you lose your pictures?” and the application automatically starts in the appropriate mode.

If your files were accidentally deleted, you will see a window where you can specify the desired file attributes (name mask, date, size, etc.) and start the search.

MjM Free Photo Recovery


This is a very small utility designed exclusively for JPEG recovery from memory cards. This specialized software has helped many photographers to recover files from memory cards.

It is often common practice that we remove the card without card eject and sometimes due to power failure the card simply stops working and it damages the file due to which the photos disappear from the memory card. This utility is very effective in recovering those lost photographs.

This program is quite old  and not updated, but in some cases it does the job better than its more modern counterparts. The interface is very simple and has only two settings: the maximum file size (Maximum File Size, it need to be sufficiently large) and switch-mode checkbox for depth of scan (Deep Scan). To start scanning simply click search button.

AnyFound Photo Recovery


This utility also specializes in recovering image files. It understands many popular formats for storing images (including Photoshop source files), and flash-animation. The program can work for hard drives, and external storage devices. It also has ability to restore corrupted file systems that are not recognized by the operating system. The result is quite fast and with decent quality.

It comes with a nice and simple interface. After you run the software, it asks you to select the appropriate mode: recover deleted files, working with the damaged file system (PC Partition Recovery), or to resume the previous session.

After you start the scanning, you could see a window with all the deleted files  in “deleted file recovery” mode or a list of all detected files with their size in PC Partition Recovery mode.

Adroid Photo Recovery


Adroid Photo recovery is one of the best photo recovery software available for Windows operating system. It is available free to try. Some of the features this product has:

  • Adroit can recover photos from any device, as long as it is readable.
  • It support mostly all Windows filesystem such as Fat, Fat32, NTFS etc.
  • It automatically detect the cause of file lost.
  • It can recover highly fragmented files.
  • Adroit recovers deleted photos for most common file formats in which photos are stored in:
    • Recover JPEG Photos
    • Recover PNG Photos
    • Recover Canon RAW CR2 Photos
    • Recover Canon RAW CRW Photos
    • Recover SONY Raw ARF Photos
    • Recover OLYMPUS Raw ORF Photos
    • Recover Nikon RAW Any Format Photos