send large filesIf you are one of those who is still using emails to share large files with clients. I am sure you will be happy to know there are easier ways to get the job done. That too FREE!
Often large attachments in emails make emails bounce back to the sender, or exceed the maximum allotted attachment weight or connections with FTP servers can also pose as a huge problem at times. Now the internet has come to your rescue, there are numerous free tools available that make sharing large files a breeze.

Here is a list of 5 great tools that come handy, so simply upload and share for FREE:


Formerly known as yousendit, Hightail is a great and easy way to share and send large files to anyone. Simply make a login ID, choose the email you wish to share the files with, write an optional note about it and drag and drop your files. A link to your files will be mailed to you, so you can also share the link with anyone who wishes to have access to the files. It even has an iOS app for the iPhone and iPad to make life easy. Maximum storage space with a FREE signup is 2GB.


A great looking site that allows up to 2GB of data to be transferred at a go is WeTransfer. It allows you to send large files via email or via a link. And provides an easy, trusted and stress free way to get the files across from point A to point B.


Another super file transfer platform to send large files is SendSpace. It has been around for years and is highly trusted by millions around the globe. They even offer a file tracker to know exactly the whereabouts of missing files. They have a simple to use drag and drop feature to get the job done and also have an App to help transfer files when you may be on the move.


A very popular free service that keeps all you files, images and documents in one place is DropBox. Allowing you to access them from anywhere you wish. It has more than 275 million users worldwide. You need to create an account with them (for FREE), and then download a web based application on your desktop that lets you have access to your files. The same has to be done by your client. What’s amazing is files do not have an expiry date here and there is no upper limit on file sizes to be shared or stored. So you can share and send large files of any size without any worry at all.


Box is another highly recommended free tool to transfer and send large files online. It offers a 5GB storage space with every sign up and allows transfer of files of any size. Box offers an option of creating Business Accounts with variable levels of user control. Thus its client list consist of the who’s who of the corporate world.