We know how important music is to too. And how you want to grove to your favorite tunes all day as you go about doing your work. And with your smartphone you don’t want to go looking online to hear your songs every time. But want to have them with you wherever you go whenever you go.

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Here is a list of 5 awesome iPhone apps that can help you download FREE music to your iPhone and let you do just that. These are great when it comes to finding music online and then downloading it to you phone memory to make them your own that too all legally.

iDownloader Pro

A good App to browse and download FREE music from online resources is iDownloader Pro. It’s a very easy to use app that even allows the user to share his or her music with others via a USB, Wi-Fi or even email. iDownloader Pro has a cool feature that lets the iPhone owner lock their music files and passwords protect their access.


Free Music Download Pro

Free Music Download Pro
This cool app lets you download FREE music, videos and audio books to your iPhone that too totally legally. It is developed by ASAP apps. Via this platform you can browse, download or play thousands of songs.  It is a useful platform to download and transfer files from various websites straight to your iOS device. You can create or edit a playlist, set a sleep timer and manage your files too through its UI.

Free Music Download Pro+

This music App is even better when it comes to getting your dose of FREE music. Free Music Download Pro+ has only a single tab system to download music, making is a user’s delight  and it also has a cool feature of displaying lyrics while the song plays. ( Making it easy for you to hum along) It shows video thumbnails and allows transfer of music files via Wi-Fi or USB to your computer or iPod or the other way round too.

Free Music Download Player Pro

Free-Music-Download-Player-ProAnother great app to download free music is ‘ Free Music Download Player Pro’, it allows the iPhone users to browse, listen and download free music legally. It taps into more than 500000 tracks online.  The only small issue is there are adds that appear on the UI but they are not disturbing or intrusive at all. This app has a search engine manager that allows you to add any search engine to it, and an easy to follow one tap music download and the ability to transfer songs between the phone and computer or  Mac.

Download Music Pro

The last of the list but surely not the least is Download Music Pro, this is an app liked by many to download free music because of how quickly it works. It even has a shake and swipe gesture control to switch or shuffle a playlist making it very handy and increasing its cool quotient. It allows removing, pausing, resuming and even replacing during downloads. The browser of the app has a bookmark feature so you can search and bookmark , and download it later at your own convenience. The Download Music Pro allows you to download multiple songs at the same time too.