If you are an iPhone or an iPad todder_appsuser with toddlers (or more politically correct young adults) in your house, I am sure you have to share your device time with them. Especially when you want that 10 minutes to make that all important call, or 15 quiet minutes to be in the line at the bank or may be just some peace at dinner time.

But Kids who are constantly on the iPhones and iPads may make them zombies – is a growing concern. Well you aren’t alone all parents today have the same angst that how much is too much? when we are talking about device-addict toddlers. Well this article isn’t about how much time your toddler should spend on your iPhone or iPad but more about how he or she should spend it.

Here is a list of 5 great toddler apps, that the kids will learn oodles from as they click away:

1. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

iTunes rates Monkey Preschool Lunchbox as the number one app for per-preschooler’s. It is surely one of the best toddler apps designed for  the 2-5 year olds. The game is all about packing lunch for the adorable monkey, and is sure to keep you little one busy for awhile. Along with teaching him or her about colors, shapes and how to match things.

Designed for both iPad and iPhone
Price $1.99


2. Doodle Buddy

There are numerous toddler apps that are designed around painting and drawing but none at easy and fun as Doodle Buddy. It is sure to catch the fancy of your little ones as they paint away with their fingers (one or all whatever they like) and dabble in some clean (and not messy) fun. They can use stamps, glitter and stencils to make some fun master pieces here.

Designed for both iPad and iPhone
Price FREE


3. Elmo Loves ABCs

Another gem when it comes to toddler apps is Elmo Loves ABCs. As the name suggest it’s all about learning the alphabets with the adorable Elmo. Their are songs and videos that will keep your little one busy and thoroughly entertained as he or she learns their A to Z’s.  It will teach the kid about letter sounds, letter identification (both capital and small), letter tracing and loads and loads of creativity.

Designed for the iPad
Price $4.99

4. PBS Kids Video

PBS kids Video is one of the best free toddler apps available on the iOS device. It’s a great way to keep you little ones busy on the iPad or iPhone for as long as you like them out of your hair. There are more than 1000 videos from the PBS television series that can be seen anywhere in the USA. Some all-time favorites are ‘the cat in the hat’, ‘Sesame Street’, ‘Dinosaur Train’ and ‘Curious George’. This app had also got the Parents’ Choice Recommended Award in 2013, so you are sure it comes highly recommended.

Designed for both iPad and iPhone
Price FREE


5. Kidzongs

This music app is another fun way for you to entertain the little ones when they want some iPad time. The tracks are fun to listen and easy to sing along with. They will teach your kids numbers, alphabets, nursery rhythms and enhance their grasping power too. It’s a very user friendly app, that the child can use himself or herself. With adorable visuals and illustrated children stories that will surely keep them busy as they learn.

Designed for both iPad and iPhone
Price $0.99



These five toddler apps have been highly recommended by parents and the teaching fraternity too. So make sure you go ahead and download these toddler apps soon. So that you are sure your kids learn as they spend time on your iOS device and you get your work done too!