Logos are the all-important visual identity associated with any company’s name. And some iconic world renowned brands  got them designed for FREE. The price tags associated with them are unbelievable, although they may have transformed or tweaked a bit from their original forms they still have the same basic essence.

In 1987 Microsoft adopted this so called ‘Pac Man’ logo designed by Scott Baker. It used a Helvetica font in italics with an emphasis on ‘o’ and ’s’. But in 2012 the Company used the design skills of its internal team to change the look for FREE, with no cost at all.
Among iconic logos, Coca Cola is surely one that is world recognised and remains fresh looking ever since its origins. It was created in 1886 by Frank Robinson, who was the Founder’s bookkeeper and partner (for no cost at all). According to the website of the company Robinson had thought of the name too, and he felt the two C’s would look good in adverting material. He experimented and came up with writing the logo in Spencerian Script, which was a famous penmanship type of the time. And the logo was born.
coca cola

Believe it or not, Twitter had purchased the ‘bird icon’ and the rights for ONLY $15 from iStockphoto. And what’s more the actual artist who is a British citizen (living in Japan), Simom Oxley, received only $6 for it and with no credit whatsoever. But recently the famous bird has been transformed a bit.
twitter logo

Yes that’s true they too paid nothing for the logo. So see not everything good need to cost a boom.
Originally created  in 1998, by Sergey Brin, who is a Co-Founder of Google, for no cost obviously. He used GIMO which is a free graphics program to come up with the logo. Ruth Kedar (a friend of Larry Page and Brin) future refined it and made the prototypes.

NIKE $35
Yes even the swoosh is one of them!
Created by Carolyn Davidson in 1971, who was a graphic design student then. This logo was purchased by Phil Knight for ONLY $35. Phil was teaching at Portland State University and heard Carolyn talking about not having enough money to buy oil pants in the hallway. So he offered him work for $2 per hour, to create some graphics and the logo was one of the jobs done by him. Knight wasn’t very happy with the logo but said ‘Maybe it will grow on me’
Nike Logo

Now now please don’t quit designing for a different profession after seeing these price tags, these are just freaks of nature so as to say. There are also some whopping high prices too that are paid for logos. Like BBC paid $1.8 Million in 1997 for the new logo, simple ‘B’,’B’ and ‘C’ in Gill Sans font in boxes.

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