To be listed amongst the most  famous logo designers in history, you have to do much more than have the ability to create pretty imagery. It isn’t just giving visual language to your ideas. But more about creating a durable, universally understood and memorable logo that can stand the test of time. That will truly embodies the character and attributes of the company. A logo has the power to either help create or even break the reputation and profits of the company it represents.

There have been some world famous logo designers who have not only revolutionized the art of logo design but also given a new meaning and dimension to corporate branding and architecture by creating some of the most timeless and recognizable logos in history.

Here is the list of 4 of the most famous logo designers and the respective logos that created iconic history:

Rob Janoff | Apple



Having created the famous logo for ‘Apple’ back in 1977, Rob Janoff has engraved his name in the list of the most famous logo designers of all times for sure. Born in Culver City , California, Rob was a graduate in industrial design from San Jose State University (1970) . But his interests shifted to graphic design ( designing corporate logos and identities) when he realized that’s where his passion lies.

It was in 1977 while working for Regis McKenna as an Art Director that he was given the task to design a logo for Apple Computers. He came up with the rainbow bitten apple and also created advertisng and other print material for Apple.

Frank Mason Robinson | CocaCola


One of the most famous logo designers of all times who has created history with his logo is Frank Mason Robinson (1845-1923). He created the famous logo for the ‘household brand Coca-Cola’.

In the 1880’s Frank shifted from Iowa to Atlanta, and became the bookkeeper and secretary to John Pemberton, the creator of Coca-Cola. It is at this job that he created the logo for Coca-Cola by writing the name in Spencerian Script ( a popular script developed in the mid-19th century used mainly for formal handwritten documents in the United States at that time). Also it was Frank who gave the name Coca-Cola to the formula created by John.

Ruth Kedar | Google


Ruth is the name behind the famous logo of Google. She is a Brazilian born artist and designer who shifted to Israel after she got a degree in Architecture from Israel Institute of Technology, Technion. Post which she moved to the United States to do a Maters Course in Design from Stanford University. Her thesis during the master’s program was on ‘Playing  Card Design’, after which she joined the Adobe Systems as a designer.

The Google logo she created is a logo type created using the Catull typeface, an old style serif type. Her design was a second draft to the original design created by Sergey Brin, co-founder of Google.


David Shen | Yahoo!


David Shen is the next in the list of famous logo designer’s with the masterpiece he created for the ‘Yahoo!’ logo. For 8 years he was the Vice President of User Experience and Design at Yahoo! Where he was part of almost all products that were built by the company.  The original logo that was created for Yahoo! was called the ‘Jumping Y Guy’, which had a blue circle (connoting the earth) and a yellow Y stick figure leaping from it. There have been numerous iterations to the logo over the years, the most recent was in September 2013.


As a designer one must continually inspire oneself, grow and re-evolve. A good idea is to look at the life and work of famous logo designers, to see how they worked, what inspired them and how they created history, in order to grow oneself.