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List of must have iPhone apps for any foodie, to enjoy and relish food more than ever before…

For a foodie, food and drink isn’t just a necessity or a few minutes of enjoyment. It is a passion with them, they want to eat good food and understand it. Explore new places to eat and talk about it or share their experiences with others. For a true foodie eating is an art and they ‘just live to eat’.

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If you are one or know of one make sure you check out these iPhone Apps for any foodie. They will expand your knowledge about food, restaurants and cuisines and become your best meal time companion for sure.

Here is a list of 5 perfect apps for any foodie:


Yelp is the app for you if you have a specific cuisine in mind and do not know where to go to eat it . Whether you feel like relishing a scrumptious burger, a lovely exotic cocktail or just a yummy bowl of noodles Yelp can help. Simply search for a place based on what you want and this App will give you results around you current location along with reviews. You can choose to search according to price, distance or time the place is open till too. So you can choose your next eating join with ease.



This App has a neat UI and some cool feature to satiate your palate. With more than 10 million downloads till date it is surely a very popular App. It brings you mouth-watering recipes from around the globe in an easily saved and searchable format. It even has a voice command control to hear the recipe while your hands are busy cooking. So whether you feel like stirring up a cool healthy snack, a 4 course meal for dinner or just a refreshing cooler Epicurious can help you out.


Evernote Food

The Apps that is apt for all your eating experience is Evernote Food. It helps you document and note done all of your dining and cooking experience in the form of notes and photos. Giving you an amazing platform to share your experiences with everyone and anyone in the world. You can explore recipes and clip them using Evernote Web (since they are from the same family of Apps) onto your computer to be used later too.



A must have App is OpenTable and as the name suggests it can get you reservation’s almost anywhere. Giving you access to more than 20,000 eating places in Canada, US and Mexico. It is the perfect App to explore new places to eat and reserve tables with ease. Simply choose a time, date and number of people and see the availability in real time in the restaurant of your choice. Then simply tap the table you prefer and Voila your table is reserved. What’s more you can even earn reward points while you use the App and redeem them as restaurant.



Listed amongst 50 Best Apps by Time magazine, Foodspotting is for sure a must have iPhone App for any foodie. It’s a lovely visual guide to great food and where to get that great food . You can know what other foodspotters like to eat or recommend you eat at a particular restaurant. It answers questions like, where to find the best …? Or What’s good here ? And with over four million dishes spotted already around the globe this App is something surely worth exploring.



Are you still reading, come-on go download these Apps for any foodie, on your iPhone now!
So your next meal can be really interesting and an experience like none other.

Bon Appetit!