If you have forget about your safety and value of time, then we are here to tell you how important are these things in your life, especially when it comes to car we own. Caring a car is more important than its buying. And when talk is about our car, how can we forget about its sudden breakdowns which is not unusual for anyone. As it may happen anywhere and anytime, happening in a public place or where there are convenient facilities, will not trouble you a lot. You will get anyone’s help easily either from your car manufacturer’s services or from local service people.

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But on the contrary, when it breakdowns at a place where there are no services available and you find no one around, you get realize that you are in a huge problem, especially, when you know you don’t know how to fix it. But in today’s high tech world, we need not worry as everything is now available on our fingertips. For that, we have enlisted few roadside assistance apps that helps you and carry your burden of tensions on themselves. Yes! It will be a pleasure to tell you that these apps will bring roadside assistance when you are unable to contact your car’s manufacturer. They have their own channels 24×7 hours open. You don’t have to take a chance on local services when these smartphone apps are available. Here are five roadside assistance apps available in India.

Meri Car.com

meri car.com road side assistance

Meri car.com is the first and foremost app in this regard which helps you to find nearest car manufacturers’ services such as Tata, Hyundai, Maruti, multibrand stations, repair shops and local services garage. So that by time you can reach your place, you can contact them anywhere in India. This roadside assistance app is only available for Android smartphones right now.


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Breakdown is the fastest roadside assistance app which ensures effective service in a very short time all over in India. You can contact them in any emergency which occurs during driving. The foremost service is mainly for vehicle i.e. repairing. Secondly, they focus on crime scenes and help you to contact police. Thirdly, they have ambulance facility which helps you in your health issue or accidents. This app is available for Android and IOS users.

Car Wheels.com

car roadside assistance

Car wheels.com provide roadside assistance, breakdown services in major cities of India like Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Gaziabad, Faridabad and ensure services like repairing, engine repairing and solves problems like flat tyres, jump start, fuel, etc. Carwheels.com is only offered for Android smarphones.


24/7 roadside assistance

StrandD is the topmost and India’s largest on demand service provider which believe in quality of work and management of time. They use pay-per-use billing and is available all over in India. You will never be dissatisfied with this app. Available for Android and IOS.

Go Bumpr

roadside assistance mobile app

Go Bumpr app is a new app which provide roadside assistance, general services and offers free diagnostic among others. Company is looking forward to expand it soon in other cities of India. Available only in Chennai and on Android powered smartphones.

As mentioned above, you can also go for car manufacturer’s services for your problems. And you can also choose apps to find help in an unknown place. Choice is yours. Choose smart. Be an aware citizen. Share and comment if you have try them. DRIVE SAFE.

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