Though people really don’t need anything else after they have tried Google. The be all and end all of Search Engines, most users have it saved as their default home page. And a user doesn’t really want to explore much after he has given Google a shot and honestly no one really needs many options when it comes to Search Engines too.

All anyone wants from a search engine are:

-relevant results ( that actually interests the user)
– options or parameters that can help broaden or narrow the search
-an easy to use, clean and accessible interface

And we all know Google does fulfill all these requirements quiet well. But just for the sake of knowledge and knowing ones options here is a list of 5 other Search Engines that you could explore besides Google.

Duck Duck Go

The first on this list of options is DuckDuckGo, yes it’s a funny name, but does the work nevertheless. Its appearance is similar to Google but it is different in many ways to it. First and foremost it doesn’t track you, so gives you real privacy. It offers prompts to clarify what you meant to search for if the words are a bit ambiguous, it has options to search for maps, images, recipe and weather too. There are far lesser ads than Google too, so give it a try, maybe you will enjoy the clean and uncluttered look.



This one has been around for a while now and you may have tried it too at some point in time. With a really clean look and feel it has given other search engines a run for their money for sure. With almost 145,000,000 unique visitors every month, is surely quiet popular as an optional search engine with web users. The user interface is cleaner than Bing, Yahoo! and Google and it also offers a unique feature with questions and answers related to your search ( on the extreme left column). So if you search for a word or a phrase the site will have a column of questions related to the word appear on the result page. Explore maybe you too could be one of the many happy users of this search engine.




With an estimated 350,000,000 new visitors every month, Bing is another extremely popular search option with internet users. Created by Microsoft, Bing was initially known a s MSN and only in 2009 was it updated to its current form. Known as a decision engine, which offers suggestions to your search in the extreme left column along with related search options. It maybe not be as good as Google but is surely worth a visit.



A known name in the online world Yahoo! is into several fields. It is into email, news, shopping, Q&A, travel, horoscope, games and loads more. With 300,000,000 new visitors every month to its search engine it is the third most popular option after Bing (and after Google with 1,100,000,000 unique visitors in 30 days). Yahoo! does give a lot to explore and discover when it comes to search for sure.


A search engine that offers relevant results and has been around since 1996 is It claims to provide an easy and fast solution to all search needs. With 24,000,000 unique visitors every month infospace is surely gaining momentum in this field too .


There are few others too that are decently popular for search like Webopedia, Yippy (formerly ‘Clusty’) and Dogpile that you could opt to explore if you have the time.