As a designer you must work to enhance your creativity constantly

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Creativity is the outward flowing of ideas and expressions that help in making something new and wonderful. And as a designer it is of utmost importance that you constantly enhance and increase this creative flow of juices. Usually there are two issues that can create a problem here, one an internal issue that constrains your imagination or an external problem that constrains your expression.

We live in a world that is full of visuals and graphics, almost over powering in many ways. It is of importance for us as designers to get inspired but not ape. Also as a designer you must keep yourself and your surrounding healthy and tidy for ‘great ideas to take birth’.

Here is a list of 5 ways that you can employ to enhance your creativity. Put them into practice and you will surely get great results:

Find inspiration around

As a designer you must have inspiration to create. This is the step one in the black book to enhance your creativity. Find something that truly inspires you that becomes your ‘muse’.  This could be something in music, literature, your memories, nature, people or anything else that gets your mind ticking. And when you will eventually find or discover your muse, you won’t have to wait for moments of inspiration, creative juices will flow and you can creative whenever it is required of you. Look around for something that makes you instantly think and ask questions and stimulates you.

Make. Create. Do

Just do it! Create and your creativity with grow. So in order to enhance your creativity you must use your creativity first. Create something unique and original. Constantly practice your art and skill. If you are a web designer make sure you keep creating new web designs all the time.

Practice makes one perfect. The first draft of anything is just a start. This first result isn’t the final look. Every painting has numerous unseen rough sketches that precede its creation. Keep at it until you get the result you desire. But keep at it and you will get to the point where you like what you created.

Have brilliance around you

Another way to enhance your creativity is to have excellence all around you. You can’t create and be creative in a vacuum. Follow some great artists and designer and surround yourself with them and their works. Study and have great art, literature, music, designs and great people around you. This will raise your standard of good work and up the bar of your creativity. Look and study the works of great web designer and see what they are making. This doesn’t mean you copy, it only means you get inspired by the way they create.

Indulge in other Arts

To enhance your creativity you must cross the boundaries of your media. If you are a web designer sometimes paint or experiment with other mediums. Maybe sing, sketch, maybe pick up dancing. All art and design forms are somehow correlates. This will induce your creative juices to flow. Most brilliantly successful people expand their mental portfolio to do more. You must work on different skills and other fields related to the arts or design to get inspired.

Take criticism Positively

Since you have taken up a profession to create design you will get criticized too. Be prepared and take all of it positively. Don’t let it pull you down. Your work and designs will be open to judgements and constant scrutiny by the onlooker. Be open to suggestions and comments but don’t get discouraged by them. Get motivated by others criticism not demoralized.