Get all the action by downloading the best Fantasy Football Apps on your iPhone!

If you are an avid Football fan then you must be an expert with Fantasy Football. It is a competition in which the users act as Team Owners and choose virtual teams from actual football players and compete against each other on an online platform.

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To be able to beat other users you must be aware of the all the stats, rankings, transactions and schedules. There are numerous iPhone apps that can help you stay on top of your game and make informed decisions about your virtual team. These Apps track details about multiple teams from multiple sites and compiles it for easy assimilation.

Here is a list of 6 other wicked fantasy Football Apps that will get you in the know:

1.ESPN Fantasy Football

ESPN is surely the world leader in sports coverage and telecast. So it comes as no surprise that it has the best tools and platform for playing fantasy sports too. If you play ESPN league then make sure you get this App. Armed with amazing tools to select, manage, trade and drop players and in-depth news, score updates and analysis, it is surely an App worth having.

Get it from iTunes here

2.CBS Sports Pro Football

The CBS Sports Apps is the perfect App that offers it all, with options to play Fantasy basketball, baseball and football. It is great whether you play on NFL, ESPN, Yahoo! or Along with news, video advice and LIVE scores of football it also has some great tools to manage your fantasy teams.

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3.MFL Mobile 2013

Created especially to support the users of, during the fantasy football season of 2014. Great to draft, set line up, trade and manage the virtual team. It can be used via the iPhone, iPad and iPod, and must be got if you play on

Get it from iTunes here


4. Yahoo! Fantasy Football

A gem of an App from yahoo!, this fantasy football app has super tools to add, drop and select players, view game schedules and choose the starting line up if you play in a Yahoo! league. It provides detailed data about players, teams and games so you can be totally aware of the football scenario. Along with a cool platform to message and interact with other users.

Get it from iTunes here


5. NFL Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet 2013

This App is the official cheat sheet for fantasy football of the NFL (National Football League). It gives you all the NFL content along with super tools and features to manage your virtual league. This app shows detailed player profiles, history, news and recommendations. It has a cool UI and easy navigation which makes using it a delight.

Get it form iTunes here


6.RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2013

The draft plays the most vital role in fantasy football, prior to any game. Choosing the correct set of virtual players to make up your team can get you the laurels you so desire. The RotoWire Fantasy Football Draft Kit 2013 is an iPhone App priced at $4.99. And it is totally worth every penny, since it will prepare you to make the = appropriate selections. This app gives you a cheat sheet to be ahead of the game and manage your draft in no time at all.

Get it from iTunes here



If you play fantasy football you know your selection and drop of players must be made based on real facts and news. So make sure you try out these wicked Apps and draft your virtual team to top the charts.