If you have ever used the internet I am certain you have at least heard the term ‘browser’ before. An Internet Browser is the software that a system uses to access the internet and the application on which you view web pages on your system i.e. your computer or mobile device.

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Here is a list of 7 of the best Internet Browsers that are available to us today. This list is bases on loading speed, design, performance, compatibility with various operating systems and number of users worldwide.

1. Google Chrome

Google-ChromeDeveloped by none other than Google Inc. itself – back in 2008. Google Chrome is considered as one of the best Internet Browsers for Windows systems today. It enjoys a very high popularity and also has huge number of downloads every single day. Google Chrome provides a highly secure platform to use the internet and is considered the best when it comes to features, speed and simplicity of use.

Supports On : iOs 6.0 and higher, Androids 4.0 and higher, Linux system, Windows (XP sp2 and higher) and Mac OSX 10.6 (and higher)

Download it from here for Free.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla-FirefoxOut of the other internet browsers Firefox in the second in ranking, downloads and popularity. This open source web browser was developed in 2004 by Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation. The great thing about this browser is it allows users to enhance and add numerous useful features by downloading add-ons. Firefox is known for being a secure browser with multiple tab browsing, privacy control, pop-up blockers and Google search.

Supports On: Android, Linux system, Windows and Mac OS X

Download it from here for free

3. Internet Explorer

Internet-ExplorerThe Internet Explorer (IE) is also known as Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) or Window Internet Explorer. It is the default browser for all Windows Computers and was developed by Microsoft way back in 1995. Out of all the internet browsers this one is the most widely used when it comes to Windows Operating systems. And is created and designed to view all types of web pages with ease and security.

Download it from here for free.


4. Opera

operaIt is developed by Opera Software and was first released in 1994. With around 400 million users worldwide Opera is the next on the list of great Internet Browsers. It has a popular mobile version by the name ‘Opera Mini’ that supports quite a few mobile operating systems.

Supports On: Linus, Mac OS X and Windows Systems

Download it for Computer and Laptops from here for free.
Download it for Mobiles from
here for free.


5. Safari

SafariAn internet browser developed by Apple Inc. in 2003 that supports Mac and iOS systems only. Though there are some new versions of Safari that also support Windows OS. It comes with some great features like smart address field, a convenient combination of search and url box, enhanced keyboard navigation and HTML Support.

Know more about Safari from here.


6. Maxthon

MaxthonAlso called the Maxthon Cloud Browser, this internet browser was developed by Maxthon Ltd. for OS X and Windows systems. It comes with some unique features and allows users to customize look, skin and theme with ease. A mobile version of it is also available by the name Maxthon Mobile. The only drawback with it is that it is not very fast or highly secure to use.

Supports On: Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Linux and Windows Phone

Download it from here for free

7. Rockmelt

RockMeltOne of the newest Internet browsers Rockmelt was released in 2010. Created by Eric Vishria and Tim Howes it is a social media web browser and is most useful in the current times. It requires another main internet browser to work inside. And it supports and works with almost all browsers and iOS. Rockmelt is unique in its working and covers the main social media websites like Twitter and Twitter along with a Google Search. It allows easy and secure social media reading and has some useful features like bookmark and favorites.

Download it from here for free