add imagesThe whole idea behind any blog is to make every visitor into a reader. One of the most important things in the success of a blog is to make it stand out from the rest. Grab eyeballs and make sure the content is both engaging and interesting.  One great way to do just that is to spice up the content by adding images in your blog.

Plain text is never very inviting for any reader to see or get involved with, images help pull roving eyes to the content and keep up the interest of the visitor. Images make all the difference to your blog and save it from looking like a directory with text. That is sure to bore most people.

It is a known fact that photos, graphics and illustrations are the first things that people look at, making sure they are of good quality, compelling and relevant is important. Make sure you include at least one great image in every blog post. Or you are most likely to lose visitors even before they have started to read the content.

Here is a list of 7 reasons why you should use images in your blog:

1.  Images break the monotony of text

Long text can be very boring and monotonous for any reader. Specially the digital audience that likes to browse and look around quickly. Images in your blog give the eyes a place to rest in the middle of the block of text. Thereby helping the reader to stay focused.

2.  Images in your blog help lead the eyes into the content

As mentioned above images are something people see first, if they are inviting and interesting they force the visitor into reading the text. Giving the reader a good idea what the topic being discussed is all about. Seeing the image of the hand and the photos (that is part of this blog) you immediately know the writing is something to do with images or pictures.

3. They greatly support the content

Graphics, diagrams, screen shots and images help illustrate the idea of the content.  If the blog is on a technical subject or a process is being explained a relevant graphic will help the reader understand and grasp the subject much easily and faster. Thus helping in making the point more memorable.

They help add character and vibrancy to the blog

Images in your blog will add color, vibrancy and also give a character to the blog. You could add humor by using an image, give a very professional feel or give light heart-ted causal look, all depending on the images you choose.

5. Images can improve SEO

SEO is all above using keywords often in your blog and webpage, and images help do just that. Make sure you name the images correctly using at least one keyword. The words in the file name must be separated with dashes. Also make sure you have a title and alt tag with each image in your blog. Often people search Google for images, so the correct images could also help  get traffic to your blog.

6. Images help in building Social Media interest

Whenever a  post is shared on a social media site, if you have images in your blog post it is far more effective in creating ripples than one without any images.

7. They help create an emotional connect

A picture says a 1000 words and that’s just what it does for your blog. That’s the power of  images in your blog- it can help create a wave of emotions and give meaning to a person.

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