Anyone who works on a Mac will agree that life is easy-breezy with this machine. And most people swear by their glowing Apple. But most people know-if you don’t already know-that the Mac isn’t perfect. There are issues that can arise if you do not handle the Mac correctly and work with it in the right manner. Like if you ever happen to forget your login password the Mac OS X will not remind you what it is. And if you don’t backup files -well the Mac won’t do it for you automatically.

So be nice to your Mac and please treat it with care. And these are a list of things that you should never-ever do to your Mac (same holds true for a PowerBook, MacBook, MacBook Pro or iBook too) if you really love it and want it to perform to its full capacity for years to come.


1. Do not use just anything to clean the screen

Never use material like paper, tissue or towels to wipe or clean the screen or monitor of the Mac. Do not use sprays directly on any surface. Use only a soft cloth (a microfiber is recommended by the professionals) to avoid any scratches or damages to the surface. There are different methods to clean each part of the system, if you are not aware of them just take it to the professional.

2. Do not man handle the system

Handle the machine with extreme care- don’t drop, bump or shake the machine when the hard drive is running. It could mess us the drive and data on it.

3. Do not shut off the Mac by pulling out the plug

Make sure you always use  the shutdown command from the menu or use the power button followed by the shutdown button to switch the machine off. Pulling the plug could cause the directory to get damaged.

4.Never  get up without saving

Every-time you are leaving the system save you file. Just press Command + S (shortcut to save in the Mac OS X), and make this a habit. So that you never end up losing your working data.

5. Don’t forget to make a backup

Always make a copy of all your files and documents and save them in a different location on the system.

6. Avoid downloading just any Application

Be careful with what you add to your machine. Legitimate soft-wares, utilities and updates are fine. But don’t install untested or illegitimate software or utilities that are available on the net. It could spell big trouble for your system, even wiping the system clean or posing issues to your disk itself.

7. Don’t fail to install legitimate updates

There are critical updates to the Mac OS X that are made available from time to time make sure you update them on your Mac. Just wait a few days after they are released to see reviews or any holes that may be discovered or talked about first. Sometimes versions are updated soon after reviews whencertain updated have glitches.