Twitter gives a great platform for businesses who wish to promote their services or themselves digitally. How you handle your twitter account can affect the search engine result of your business too. So Twitter SEO becomes very important if you wish that you or your business rank higher in Google search results.


7 tips for Twitter SEO, helps you make the most of your Twitter account:

Tip1: Select the correct name for the account

Since the name of your Twitter account shows in your URL, you must make sure the account name is wisely chosen and optimized to echo your brand. It must contain the most relevant keywords related to your brand, for gaining maximum SEO advantage. It is a good idea to analyze SEO data to determine the most searched keywords in terms of volumes and then name your account accordingly. As far as possible ensure the Twitter username you select clearly conveys what your services, project or business is. So everyone will know what to expect from your Twitter account and thereby clicking, following or replying to the tweets is more likely. Also selecting a short retweetable twitter handle or username is very important.

Tip2: Write the Twitter Bio well

The Twitter ‘Bio’ has a maximum limit of 160 characters (20 more than a regular tweet). Make sure you make the most of this, make it relevant including the most significant keywords that are critical to your brand. This must be enticing, persuasive and totally unique for you to stand out amongst the million others.

Tip3: Let people know about your twitter account

Spread the word about your account, making sure that people can find your Twitter account. Like integrate the twitter URL into your company site- alongside a persuasive call to action line, add the URL into all your digital documents, emails and presentations. This will surely increase the visitor to your twitter pages.

twitter-optimization tips

Tip4: Each tweet you write must be retweetable

Retweets are good for your account. They make sure your original tweet reaches many new people, this shows people are appreciating your twitter account and twitter pages. This means making sure tweets are under 120 characters, so when they are retweeted they still are complete.

Tip5: Select the first 42 characters of every Tweet carefully

The first 42 characters of any tweet or the ‘lead in’ is of utmost importance in SEO. As it appears in the Tweet title tag that shows up in Google search results. You must make sure these contain the most significant keywords associated with your business.

Tip6: Try to write tweets that are rich in keywords

It is important to make your tweets rich in relevant keywords, since they will all be picked up by the search engine. This is the way to get the most relevant and totally free organic traffic. It is a good idea to do a detailed keyword analysis, and determine which keyword are getting searched.

Tip7: Share other relevant URLs

You should share your own website URL on your twitter pages, but don’t overdo it and make it look like spam. Do add appropriate, relevant and good quality links to other sites too, if it is what your audience wants. This will be highly rewarded by more retweets and increasing the SEO ranking of your twitter account for sure.