Many of the manufacturers are now feeling interested in offering PCs with dual OS i.e. Android and Windows installed on the same PC. The user can relish both the popular operating systems on one single device. But what about someone who don’t want to purchase such PCs, is there any other alternative? For them a few tricks can do the job on their existing PC, some methods are old but at least we can give them a try. Here are some of the methods how to use Android on Windows or Mac.


The software is currently the best method to enjoy Android operating system on your Windows PC and Mac. You don’t have to replace your operating system; it runs within your current operating system. Just download the application from the official website (, install it and follow some onscreen instructions and you are good to go. The interesting things about Bluestacks is that it has a simple user interface and it supports Google PlayStore, so you can install and run application just as you use to do in your Android smartphone. The performance of this software is average and it comes pre-loaded with popular Android applications. Not a bad thing if you are eager to try your hands on Android OS on Windows. Some expert opines that the software has it least considerable potential and could inspire future softwares.

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Official Android Emulator

Google has also provided an official Android emulator within the Android SDK bundle. The method is meant particularly for Android developers to test their applications. The advantage of downloading Android emulator is that you can also try our hands on the latest Android version available in the market. But this emulator is not recommended for everyday use and unfortunately it lags a lot. Download the software suite from this location ( and install it. Open up the SDK manager program, go to Tools and select Manage AVDs. Click on the New Button and that’s it. You can now create your own Android Virtual Device with configuration of your choice. Select it and click on to the start button to launch the program.


You Wave

The emulator offers pretty decent features in comparison to Bluestacks but the only downside is that it is paid software. It gives almost exact Android experience just as you are working on your regular Android home screen. However You Wave doesn’t come preloaded with Android apps, all you can do is to install Google PlayStore by going through View>Online Content>Google Play. Again by going to View>Apps and click on the Google Play app to download Google Play. You Wave actually faster in performance than Bluestacks and has user friendly interface. You can download the free 10-day trial from (


Android x86

This is basically a community based project which can be used to port Android OS to x86 platform. The program is compatible with Intel and AMD processors enabling you to install Android operating system on PCs, laptops or even tablets. The concept was originally formed and was praised for providing an easy method to give some lease of life to low-end netbooks. Currently, only limited numbers of devices are supported by this software, the list of which can be viewed on the official website ( It also supports virtual box.


The best, free and the smoothest option is to install Bluestacks if you really want to try Android on your Windows PCs. May be future softwares like Android x86 would be able to support a variety of devices and might also offer dual boot option for the user.