Making backups is essential part of your blogging. In case your hosting close or they disable your account and don’t let you download your blog backup, or you make a mistake in code that will result in an error in your blog and you could not open your site. It is better to create a backup and store it on your computer, disk or in some cloud account where you can get it remotely any time. One of the most popular services is dropbox which you can access from any computer. Now you can use the plugin WordPress Backup to Dropbox, which will let you create backup of your website automatically and sync that with your dropbox.

wordpress backup plugin

Plugin WordPress Backup to Dropbox automatically create backup of your website in the Dropbox cloud. The plugin allows you to remove unnecessary backup files if you do not want to keep versions.

How to use WordPress Backup to DropBox

wordpress backup database

  • Go to the plugins.
  • Add a new one.
  • Download the plugin on your computer
  • Select the archive with the plugin and click install.
  • Click “activate” in the window that appears when you install the plugin.

Configuring WordPress Backup to Dropbox

wordpress backup to dropbox

Description of the WordPress Backup to Dropbox

  • After activating the plugin go WPB2D-> settings:
  • Click on the button “Login”:
  • Log in to your account at Dropbox (or sign up and log in):
  • Approve your blog to give access to application
  • You are done

To see existing copies go to the option “backup history”. You ca also delete previous backups if you want.