Today there are several online applications that allows users to view PDF files documents and photo editing applications online. Each program includes a variety of features such as PDF document manipulation from simple documents like filling out forms to the complex PDF document editing. You would likely to find any good online application which could help you editing your video for free. Although there are some distributions particularly suited to work with multimedia content, Ubuntu Studio is probably the most popular and known GNU / Linux OS that can provide excellent performance while working with video.

One of the many advantages of free software is emerging to meet shared needs among users all over the world. For all tastes and for all operating systems running on Windows, GNU / Linux and Mac, here are some of the most attractive multimedia editing software:

10  Free GNU/Linux Application for Video Editing

1. Avidemux

linux video editor

This video editor allows basic tasks and supports files in popular formats such as AVI or MPEG, and other like MP4 or ASF.

2. CinePaint

cinepaint; video editing

Very similar to The GIMP interface, editing software and image processor. CinePaint is an alternative that is best suited to editing frame by frame, work great with video clips.

3. Cinelerra

free multimedia editing

Great software with basic features such as video capture, edit and export the output to various formats. It is a best alternative of Adobe premiere perhaps more coarse in appearance interface.

4. Kino Video editor

 free video editor

Another legendary Kino Cinelerra is something similar in performance, but with a more basic interface that help those users without major needs and demands. Very simple and attractive, a good way to start learning the video editing tasks in Linux.

5. Jahshaka

editing effects to video

This application comes with many interesting feature. It is a cross-platform tool that is available for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, but still in alpha state. This software is best known for adding and editing special effects in videos.

6. Slideshow Creator

slideshow creator for linux

While not a classic video editing tool, but very helpful in creating cool presentations with holiday photos or family and friends. It has the ability to add zoom and panning effects, You can also add music to your slide show using this software.

7. Lives Video editor

lives video editor

This is another much less known and with a more complex interface that also allows nonlinear video editing and producing interesting results with different formats and frame rates.

8. Vivia Video editor

Screen Shot 2014-05-25 at 7.43.37 PM

Another project that I personally did not know, for example has a remarkable feature: the ability to edit multi-cam video environments, which allows recording and synchronize multiple cameras to capture video then mount the same event but easily blending images one and the other.

9.  Kdenlive

gnu linux video editor

The project uses the Qt libraries and is perfectly compatible with  KDE 4. They have best online support, where you can find more than enough tutorials and information to get started with this software.


video editor for linux

Awesome software and very essential for all users who work with video on GNU / Linux. It provides all kinds of conversion tasks and adaptation of your video clips. If you have a problem with video, FFmpeg has many features to solve your problem.

10 Free Windows  and Mac Application for Video Editing

1. VirtualDub

windows video editor

VirtualDub is a free and powerful video editing program for Windows, it has amazing features like compression capability, video splitting and ability to add video tracks. It also has batch processing capability for handling a large number of files.

An open source video editor for windows that performs common tasks such as changes in frames , filters, effects, duration and modification of excerpts, audio management, compression and more. Very useful specially if you are working with AVI format

2. MediaCoder

opensource video editor

To work with codecs of any number of audio and video simultaneously allowing conversions between formats, modify quality, adapting to other devices, compressing the file, change bitrate , extract sound from videos and dozens of additional configurations.

3. WIndows Movie Maker

windows movie maker

Windows Movie Maker is a free tool for editing video for Windows, users can create home made movies with a simple drag and drop. This program has features that allow you to add video effects, video transitions, titles / credits, audio track, story timeline, and Auto Movie. In addition, you can add new effects and transitions to existing video and can be modified using XML code.

4. Wax Video editor

wax video editor

Wax is a Windows software for video editing provide flexibility and high-performance, useful for private and professional users. It can be used as a standalone application or as an addition to other video editors.

5. Avidemux

linux video editor

Avidemux is a free video editor designed for editing simple video, such as cut, filter, code, etc.. Supports multiple file types, including AVI, DVD compatible MPEG files, MP4 and ASF, using a variety of codecs.


video editor for linux

Ffmpeg is free collection of free software that can record, convert and stream audio and digital video, including libavcodec (a library of audio codecs / video leader) and libavformat (one leading library containing multiplexers / demultiplexers for multimedia container files). Best suited for those users who keep switching between Windows and Linux.

7. Blender Video editor

WIndows Video editor

Blender is a free open source program for creating 3D content code which is compatible with all major operating systems, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). Blender has many advanced features such as modeling tools based on modifiers, powerful character animation tools, a node based material, etc. and is one of the best video editors for both Windows and Mac

8.CineFX Jahshaka

editing effects to video

Jahshaka was formerly known as CineFX and was intended to be a publisher, and composition effects engine that runs on various platforms such as Mac, Linux and Windows. Better compare with Adobe After Effects in their aspirations but has been a long time between version 2.0 and the long awaited 3.0 version which has questioned the future of the project.

Clearly there is still much work to do but it’s nice to see an attempt to cross-platform font in a truly open market dominated by Adobe.

9. Zwei Stein

video editor for windows

Zwei-Stein is a great video editor that has many video effects. You can also edit up to 256 video, audio, still images and movies. The interface is quite technical and due t which many people find it difficult to use.

10. Wonder Share Video Editor

wonder share video editor

Wonder Share Video Editor is another great for video editing and composing software that provides multimedia experts to combine photos, videos, audio files into one or more output files program. It is available for Windows and Mac users.