Now, knowing whether to carry an umbrella or a sun hat while stepping out in the morning, is easy. There have been recent advancements in weather forecasting and meteorology such as satellite imaging and Doppler radar systems that are extremely reliable and take out any guessing about weather conditions. And what’s more is with the technology of mobile systems today you can stay totally up to date with the weather by simply downloading one of the Weather Apps on your iOS device. So whether it is hail, sunny, cloudy or snow all you will need is a wireless signal to be in the know.

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Here is a list of the 6 best Weather Apps that are available to you for your iOS devices:

Weather bug
Weatherbug is a free Weather App for iOS (also available on Android). It has a very user friendly slide navigation and design. And the App is a treasure of information with real-time lighting alerts, weather updates, forecasts, live camera for requested locations, a feature to integrate the alerts to Social Media and more.
weather bug

Yahoo! Weather
Another free App that is also available for Android devices is Yahoo! Weather. It has even received the Apple Design Award, 2013 for its stunning User Interface which it both awesome looking and highly efficient. The App offers hourly, 5 day or 10 day accurate weather information. It integrates Flickr photos to your current location, your current time of the day and climate conditions. You must download this to be totally prepared for the day.
yahoo weather

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel too is a free Weather App on the iTunes store, it also has a version for Android and Windows Phone. With interactive maps that show latest Doppler radar information, wind, visibility status, rainfall, climate alerts, temperature and everything else you need to know about the Weather. To keep you safe in ruff and extreme weather conditions like storms and tornadoes it also has a push alert facility.
The Weather Channel

Accu Weather
Available for free on iPad, iPhone, tablets and Android devices AccuWeather is another super Weather App. You can get current, hourly, daily or 15 day weather conditions in an easy to use and smart looking display. The App has an alert system for upcoming severe weather conditions. And a comprehensive reach of more than 2.7 million locations.
Dark Sky
The best ‘what’s the weather NOW’ App that tells the user the conditions an hour in advance. So he or she can plan accordingly. DarkSky give a minute to minute accurate forecast packed with a simple and easy to see and understand look and feel.
dark sky

This amazing weather App will tell you what to wear; it simply amalgamates fashion and weather for you. Swackett enjoys a 5 star rating with over a million users worldwide and makes weather fun and easy to comprehend. The App gives you information about the temperature, the feel like temperature plus visual images to show what you ought to wear if you step out. For example it will show a character wearing boots and an overcoat if it is snowing, or cap and sun goggles if it’s sunny outside.