Pop ups are one kind of online advertisement on the internet which are intended to attract traffic or sometimes capture private details. Pop up generally starts in the new tab or small window in the browser to display the advertisement. Generally pop-ups are written in JavaScript using cross-browser scripting, some advertisers use Adobe Flash player to create annoying pop-ups..

These pop ups consume memory and makes your browsing slower and sometimes they inject malware  and viruses to your computer.

How to block pop ups? Lets first discuss how many types of pop ups exist.

Some pop ups comes with various software, they are called notifications Pop up. There are many useless software, games that install pop ups on your computer. To get ride of them, follow the steps to uninstall the software.

Go to Start menu and select control panel, under Programs and Features select the program and click uninstall.

On the other hand there are some notifications from antivirus software and windows updates. Make sure we do not block these notifications.

Other form of pop ups are browser pop ups. Lets see how to block pop ups in browsers:

How to block pop ups in Internet Explorer

how to block pop ups

Start Internet Explorer, click tools button from top right most corner. Now select internet options,  go to privacy tab. Under Pop up blocker section select Turn on Pop up blocker by checking check box and then click ok.

Sometimes this is not enough to block all pop ups. To disable all pop ups, go to pop up blocker then hit ‘settings’,  go to the option Blocking level. Then change the drop down from default ‘Medium’ level to ‘High: Block all pop-ups (Ctrl+Alt to override)’.

How to block pop ups in Mozilla firefox without installing any software

block pop ups in Mozilla firefox

In Mozilla Firefox go to the left corner of the page and select Mozilla icon and then click ‘Options’ or ‘Tools’.

Now from the ‘options’ screen select ‘Content’ panel. Here you can see a check box to ‘block pop up’. Click on the check box and save. Here you can add websites you don’t want to block pop ups from.

How to stop pop ups in Google Chrome.

Google Chrome default behavior is that it prevents pop ups from appearing and shows the alert in the address bar.

block pop us in chrome

If you want to enable the pop up on the current website, just click option icon and scroll down to the settings. Click ‘show advanced settings’ under the settings. Then search for ‘Content settings’ under ‘Privacy’. Under ‘pop ups’ you can toggle the setting to enable or disable the pop ups.