boost salesYes, yes it can! A good logo can actually boost up sales.

Just think about that plush hotel which you may not have been to, but have seen it’s logo (sophisticated and extremely smart) in an advertisement and have already made up your mind to visit as soon as you get your pay-check or are able to save a bit of cash.

That’s the magic of a good logo- it paints a compelling picture of the brand in the minds of a prospective customer, and a feeling of longing in a previous customer thereby boosting sales of the company is represented.

Today the marketplace is overheated and brands are almost clawing for the consumer’s attention and fighting to find a way to distinguish themselves from the crowds. In such a competitive scenario, having a compelling and attractive logo that is the face of the company becoming even more important. Just like everyone turns to see a good looking face even in an overcrowded public space- a good logo is sure to get your company the much required eyeballs.

Consumers intuitively understand that a meaningful and good logo means the company is going to deliver what it promises. A good logo is an investment that is sure to increase credibility and sales. The logo is the first touch point of the consumer with the company– the first window the customer has to the business so it must be impressive- almost like ‘love at first sight’ or at least the hope of falling in love with the brand or inciting a sale in the future.

Now what becomes very vital in this case is that the logo must communicate ’clearly and precisely what the company stands for’ only then will it work like a silent sales force and build the brand. Using imagery graphics and colours that are meaningful and tell a story about the company is of grave importance for the logo to do any marketing. The colours bestow the logo with recall value and a unique personality that the customers can relate to, and grow to be loyal to and thereby create a conducive atmosphere for repeated sales.

The bright yellow M of McDonald’s is inviting, smart, bright and cheerful just like the experience you usually have at the McDonalds. So every time you see the big M from far or near you are enticed to buy and re-experience that feeling.

The logo builds brand equity, just like a person’s unique personality and profile comes to mind as soon as you glance at his or her photo or something that reminds you of the person. Similarly the logo reminds people about the brand, the apple from Apple Inc. on any product instantly tells the consumer this is a well-designed, user friendly, up market product trust by millions and should be considered as part of the wish list to buy.

So yes a good logo can do wonders to sales and boost the number.

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