youtubeBelieve it or not YouTube has the second most online searches done via its search-bar daily on the internet (just after Google), higher up than any other site or search engine out there.

People view more than 4 billion videos on it every day, out of which more than 400 million are via mobile devices, 60 plus hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every 60 seconds, these whooping number are just the reason why your business must have a presence on YouTube. So if you wish to increase the reach of your business and be searchable find you way into the pages of YouTube.

Most companies today, who wish to use Social Media channels to promote themselves, seem to talk more about Facebook and Twitter, but most forget about the all-important YouTube. But it is high time that companies realize the importance of the medium of video and create their presence on YouTube, thereby taking advantage of the world that is viewing these videos. Today people prefer searching and learning about things via videos over reading online any day.

Here is a list of reasons why YouTube must be a part of your Social Media planning and your company should be present on it:

YouTube has mass reach and accessibility

Judging from the numbers that I wrote above it is apparent that YouTube has a mass appeal. People of all ages, of varied demographics and psycho-graphic backgrounds come to see videos or search for things to YouTube. More than 128 million people from the US alone come to YouTube at least once in 30 days. Your company must have presence on YouTube if you wish to reach out to potential customers. Since the videos on YouTube are universally accessible through every smart phone and the smart televisions that are in the market today too. By being on YouTube you are sure to reach the world.

It provides a great platform to show you product

Another reason why you must have a presence on YouTube is because it provides a platform for you to showcase your product and narrate your brand story that too in video form. Videos have a powerful mass appeal and can even touch an emotional chord if made well. This will help create a curiosity and excitement about your product and company in the mind of the viewer. Videos are a great way to show the nuances and uses of your product or how to actually assemble or use it too.

The advertising system of YouTube is super

To advertise on Facebook or use the pay-per-click ads on Google are very depleting to the pocket, but with YouTube things are much better. Advertising here works like pay-per-click ads (and you bid on keywords) but in place of text ads showing up the people searching will see your videos come up. You can choose whether you want your ad to show up during the video, before it, show up with the search panel or be displayed on the right panel next to the video player. The advertising can be targeted basis demographics of the users. And you also get a detailed analysis after your campaign has run that tells you how successful the ads were.

By creating a channel for you company here you can attract viewers

If the viewers see you videos they may proceed to check out the channel you have on YouTube. Channels provide a stage for you to totally show off and hog the limelight, put some though into it and make it almost like your website. With a write-up on your company, use images and videos that are highly attractive and persuasive so the viewer is enticed to click on your website URL and either buy or put in an inquiry.