Twitter tweets have a character restriction of 140 characters. There has been a lot of hue and cry about how to cramp a meaningful message in that much. Especially for the marketing fraternity and still sounding professional, formal and meaningful.

A lot of people say it makes the message difficult to understand and the words are kind of claustrophobic and too cramped to decode. But there are proven ways to post your own original twitter tweet and also re-tweet (simply forwarding a twitter tweet you like to all your followers) in the restricted character length. It may need some practice but you can get good with it over time.

And this article tells you just that – here are 10 great tricks and tips to do Twitter tweets in 140 characters:

  1. Try and use a tool like Thsrs

    This is a word shortening thesaurus. Such tools help you find shorter synonyms for longer words to be used in the Twitter Tweets. E.g it will suggest words like ‘affinity’ , ‘feeling’ for a long word like ‘sympathy’ – saving you characters.

  2. Get rid of extra pronouns

    Just miss the extra and unnecessary pronouns like ‘that’, ‘the’ etc. where ever possible. This too will help you fit the tweet in.

  3. Do not use ‘AND’

    Try and replace the word ‘AND’ with an ampersand (&) or a plus (+) sign. It will convey the same meaning and save you 2 precious characters.

  4. Use URL shorteners

    Find and make use of website that generates URL shorteners like bitly. There are quiet a few out there see which one works for you. Its really helpful because long URLS can eat up a lot of character space. (Also read here to know other reasons why you should use URL shorteners.)

  5. Drop the vowels

    Make sure you don’t lose the meaning but drop the vowels from the words. E.g. ‘text’ can be simply ‘txt’ or ‘message’ can be ‘msg’, ‘love’ can be ‘luv’

  6. Use numbers in place of words

    Another easy trim is replacing the words for numbers in the twitter tweets. E.g. use 2 in place of ‘two’ it saves you 2 characters.

  7. Contract the words wherever possible

    Another good way to stick to the character count is to use word contraction like ‘can’t’ or ‘won’t’ in place of ‘can not’ or ‘would not’.  Since spaces also count as characters these save characters. One must be careful while using these tricks and tips, don’t let them sound like teenager wrote them. So don’t lose the professional edge.

  8. Use the well-known abbreviation

    Though not highly recommended you can use the well-known abbreviations in the twitter tweets like ‘btw’ for ‘by the way’ or ‘w/’ for ‘with’. This may reduce the professional feel of you message but sometimes it’s the need of the hour.

  9. Use some known characters and symbols

    You can save on some priceless characters by using known symbols for words, like ‘%’ for percentage or ‘#’ for numbers. Be sure not to use symbols that denote some functionality in twitter.

  10. Check for extra spaces

    It may sound silly, but it is a common problem. Check for double spaces between the words. This could help you fit you twitter tweet in the 140 character count.


    So next time you seem to be stuck with trimming your message to 140 characters, try following these best practices. They are sure to come handy to fit the message by doing some tucks and cuttings.

    Simply tweak the twitter tweet and post.