Amazon provide their users facility to read and store books for reading. Kindle is amazon e-reader which allows users to view documents, magazines by using registered user account on amazon. Advantage of using e-book reading device is that there will be enough capacity available to store your books and magazines. But after archiving more books, then ultimately storage space will become insufficient for new ones or become disordered. Because you will have to spend more time to find your required book for reading if the e-book shelf is full of books. In this article, I will teach you how to delete books from kindle devices and applications on different platforms.

How To Delete Books From Kindle

What You Want To Do?

First of all, you will need to identify your needs that what actually you want to do. If you have downloaded so many books and finished reading of these books, then you may want to clean your Kindle. In this situation, you may want to delete finished books from the kindle device but want to store them in cloud for future use.

But if you don’t even want to see those books in the cloud, then you have to delete them from the kindle cloud. So, I will explain method to delete books from kindle devices and also from kindle apps along with kindle cloud.

Delete Books From Kindle Devices

There are many devices for e-book reading from amazon. One is Kindle with 4 buttons at bottom along with 5 way controller. Second one is Kindle keyboard, third one is Kindle Paperwhite and last one is Kindle Fire. Lets discuss method to delete books from each kindle device separately.

  • Delete Books From Kindle

How To Delete Books From Kindle

The cheapest model available in the family of Kindle is a device with 4 bottoms at the bottom of the device. There is also 5 way controller to control the device easily. In order to delete books from this device, all you need is to select the item name from the home-screen and press left arrow key. In this way, a list of options will appear on the screen. Select remove from the list and then press the center button of the controller to delete book.

  • Delete Books From Kindle Keyboard

How To Delete Books From Kindle

Another device available in the market belonging to the family of Kindle devices is named as Kindle Keyboard. In order to delete books from this device, you will need to be on home-screen first. If you are not in the home screen, then just press the home key and you will be on the home-screen.

Underline the items which you are willing to delete by using the 5-way controller. Move controller to left for removing the underlined items.

  • Delete Books From Kindle Paperwhite

How To Delete Books From Kindle

In order to delete content from your Kindle Paperwhite, just press and hold on the name of book or cover of the book from the home-screen. Dialogue box will appear, just tap on remove from the menu appeared.

  • Delete Books From Kindle Fire

How To Delete Books From Kindle

The process of deleting any book from kindle is same as for Kindle Paperwhite. Just hold and press on the name of book and tap on remove from the menu options.

Delete Books From Kindle Application

The process of deleting books from Kindle application in android and iOS are quite same. Just open application in your smartphone. You will have list of all books in your application. Just hold and press on any book which you are willing to delete. Select remove from device option from the contextual menu.

Delete Books From Kindle Cloud

The books deleted from all the above mentioned ways can be recovered by using Kindle cloud. But if you delete books from kindle cloud, then you will not be able to view or read that content again. However, you will need to purchase again from the store after deleting once from Cloud. So, I would not suggest you to delete books from Kindle cloud as it will be costly if you need that same book in future.