We all have experienced that annoying little alien words used to distinguish between human and machine. But do you know where it comes from?

Google captcha solution

Google always convert printed books to eBooks and store them as text instead of a picture, because this reduces the size of the book drastically and this is the reason that Google never employ their people only write the contents of those books. They use handwriting recognition technology “Optical Character Recognition or OCR.

The problem of this technique is that it may not be accurate in some cases, especially if the writing is not clear, such as in the following image

Google Captcha API

Here comes the task of reCAPTCHA! When asked to display a captcha system that displays a word, which is not understandable or understood incorrectly by the OCR software and therefore could not understand by computer or machines correctly.But how would Google know that the word you entered is valid but you did not able to understand?

The program offers two words, one reCAPTCHA understandable by system and other poorly written. The reCAPTCHA system displays the word itself to millions of users and records all their answers. Then choose the most repeated word understandable image and linked it as the correct answer.

Therefore, you are writing those pesky words simultaneously to help Google to transform regular digital books, and Google offering free service. It is worth mentioning here that daily there are more than 100 million files that are reCAPTCHA to millions of internet users.

Google Updated the reCAPTCHA and Reduced the Reading Complexity

new simpler google recaptcha

Google’s official blog announced that they have updated the reCAPTCHA Captcha system and reduced human difficulty while increasing difficulty for bots. Google does not explain the technical implementation details and just called it advanced risk analysis technique. New technology will make people’s lives easier. The figure is the simpler version of the new system.