There are several ways to create animated GIFs. The simplest is to record a video with the phone, or select an existing video, and edit it to remove a part of the video that you want to exclude from your animation. You can edit your video and create an animated GIF file  using free tool iWisoft Free Video Converter. This tool comes with some adwares, so I would try not to install the adware that comes attached to the installation of the program.

The software is fairly simple to use, where you simply have to add a video, press “Edit” to highlight the section you want to convert to GIF, and then in the profiles, choose the format to GIF. While there are other free programs such as “Any GIF Animator” iWisoft program leaves no mark on the end result.

While editing an existing GIF, best free option is GIMP 2 , This editor has much more option than just picture editing. While using GIMP for GIF editing, you must know one thing that each layer of GIF image is a frame  of the animation.

Then just select the frames you want to delete and remove the entire layer by pressing the icon with the dustbin in the lower right corner. Now go to ‘File’ and ‘Export’. Selecting the file location, format (GIF) and select export, In the new windows select ‘as animation’.

Some Beautiful Cinemagraph GIFS

Gif Editor and creator DSC3710cinemagraph3post_thumb hairsprayer615 megancoffeeblog schwingsetcropped

more gifs

If you do not want to get dizzy with these options, and simply want to create an animated GIF directly from your phone, it is best to simply opt for a more creative tool and make a ‘ cinemagraph ‘ which is nothing more than an animated GIF but it is only one element of the picture that moves, rest all elements remains static.

To create cinemagraphs with your phone,you can use iOS app which is best to simply download the application Cinemagram , Using this app, you take a short video of a few seconds, and then you select the part of the image you want to keep moving while the rest remain static.

For Android you can use the application Fotodanz , which can be used in a similar manner to Cinemagram, with the only difference that instead of swiping your finger across the section that you want to keep moving, you must make a circle around the edges of the elements you want to see animated.

To edit GIFs online, the best tool is , which is by far the most complete GIF editor available online. It comes with resize the GIF, trim, add text, rotate, etc..

With these tools, it is easy to create animated GIFs and post them to different websites like tumblr, reditt etc. The eternal loop without sound is a pretty special language that has no comparison to other types of artistic media in real life, we must use it.

While we could choose many different more tools, we decided that we can see which are the easiest to use. What tool you use to create your animated GIF?