engage_customersIn today’s global market place if you are a small business taking your first steps into social media, in order to bring in customers via the internet can be challenging. First you must make sure you engage customers with your web presence and amass a lot of followers. And also do not fret you are not alone almost all businesses have to face this challenge while they take their nascent journey into social networks.

Here is a list of tried and tested ways to efficiently and effectively do just that ‘engage customers on social media platforms’ whether they be your current customers or your potential customers:

Create and write unique content to engage customers

So that your business stands out of the crowd make sure you have unique content and not repeated or revamped content from other resources. May be take a different point of view to stories and your business so that you present your business in a unique manner.

Make use of the Social Media icons (buttons)

One of the first places your customers will reach you is through your website; make sure you embed your social media button (icons) in your content. This will enable the customers to share your content with their friends along with checking out your social media platform, thereby engage customers.

Think about your headlines

Catchy eyeballs are very important on social media. It is the first thing people see, and an engaging headline can surely attract and also increase clicks for your platform.

Study and know your platforms

Know and study social media well, make sure you are present in more than one. Also make sure you are well aware of which platform actually suits the nature of your business. Whether it be Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin or Instagram know what audience you are likely to meet on each and create content accordingly.

Make sure you use visual content

Pictures say a million words and this holds true for social media too. Use visual content to reach the customers it will attract more eyeballs in the first glance. You could use meaningful infographics, interesting YouTube videos, attractive and appropriate images or any other visual tool to engage customers.

Engage customers through contests

Nothing is as magnetic as contests for people. Using contest and giveaways as tools on your social networks is a sure shot way to get crowds. Whether small or big, simple or complex contest always increasing sharing on social media links and involvements.

Give tricks and tips or how to

It is a known fact that people are always looking for help on various subject via the internet. If you try and give tips, tricks or advice on various subjects on your social media platforms it will surely engage customers and increase visitation.

Keep asking questions

Asking question on social media or running a vote or a poll is another way to get people involved. You can ask about various topics along with what people think about your product or services. This could be very helpful to plan future strategies and products or improve the current line.

Be prompt and reply to comments and queries

Make sure to respond promptly to comments posted by your customers on these sites. This will tell your customers that you care and listen and encourage them to comment or even engage more with you and your brand.


The above practices and ideas are super ways to engage customers on digital platforms. It is a good idea to amalgamate all of the above for getting the most benefit. You must aim at promoting a feeling of community amongst your customers or target audience so as to make sure they choose to stay with you.