Project Management Software are very useful when it comes to planning, organizing and managing resource pool. depending on the project and product features user can manage estimation and planning, budget management, cost control etc. There are many desktop and web applications available in market for Project Management System. I have compiled a list of best software you can try.

Project Libre

project libre-open source

“Project Libre” is a project planning tool, which is very similar to Microsoft Project.According to the manufacturer, the projects between the two programs are compatible as long as they are saved as XLS files. With “Project Libre” user can create projects among other dates and resources and assign work orders so. Project cost estimates and project control set using Gantt or network plans. Project Libre is open source project management software.

Smart Tools Project Schedule for Excel

With the Excel Extension “Smart Tools for Excel Project Plan” Keep going projects in view. First, enter a start date for your projects. Then collect all applicable processes for projects. This can be assigned in addition to days on which a processing to take place. Thus, for the time spent can be easily followed. “Smart Tools for Excel Project Plan” will also aid in the recording of working hours. The program works with the Excel versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Open Workbench

download free

The project management software “Open Workbench” is a free alternative to Microsoft Project that allows you to professionally plan, execute and control projects. The variable and comprehensive data collection for projects, tasks, appointments and resources forms the basis for graphical and tabular reports, for example as a MPM network or GANTT chart. MS Project data stored in XML format which can be easily import into “Open Workbench”.

Microsoft Project Professional 2013

With “Microsoft Project Professional” you are well prepared for the planning and execution of complex tasks. The project management software ensures that you can keep the schedule, the personnel, work equipment monitoring and an eye on costs and respond quickly to changes in individual factors. “What-if” analysis will help to ensure optimal operation, and with the “Team Planner” you determine the ideal use of labor and resources.

Project Viewer

With “Project Viewer 2010” You look at plans, diagrams and tasks that were created with “Microsoft Project”. The project planner tool opens files in the MPP and MPX format and created in Access or SQL database. Data-intensive projects can be based on user views and can be filtered to represent more clearly.

Job Designer


“Job Designer” is a program for small businesses. It allows you to schedule employees, rooms and other resources and to keep the processing of orders in mind. For example, it is possible to create customer invoice corresponding to each job.  Also the display of statistics that provide you with information about the workload of a every possible single project.

Project Personal Edition

Project Personal Edition keep your projects in view. The software allows all the information you need for your projects, collecting, centrally manage and evaluate. The detection of individual tasks is possible as well as assigning these tasks. With the trial version you can plan for up to three companies, each with a project and a total of eight resources.

Project Forum Free Version

The program “Project Forum Free Version” can help when working on the network. It creates a discussion forum that can be used by several users simultaneously. Because access is allowed on this forum over a network or the Internet, the respective users  may be in different rooms, cities and even countries.

Project Forum Free Version (Mac)

The program “Project Forum Free Version” can help you in cooperation within the network. It creates a discussion forum that can be used by several users simultaneously. It is a mac version of above software.


“DevPlanner ‘is a task and project planning tool. The program allows you to capture dos and assigning to certain employees. Determine the expected duration and a start date for the particular task. The priority indicates the urgency with which the individual tasks to be done. With “DevPlanner ‘You have thus always in view, whether it is possible to comply with the time limits required for different projects or whether perhaps there is still time for the completion of other tasks. The integrated calendar shows you what dos you have to do on what dates.


“GanttProject” provides management for smaller projects which are supervised by one or more persons. If you want to successfully manage projects, you must take many aspects of it into account. One of the aspects is the scheduling of tasks and the allocation of appropriate resources. If a time-based representation. The various project tasks are hierarchically organized and linked to the human resources and deadlines. Through your information creates a bar chart that displays all your project tasks on temporal relationships and the respective performance level. With the Export functionality data can be saved in PDF, CSV file for Excel or HTML file for web publication. The program requires the Java Runtime Environment 1.6 or higher.

Rillsoft Project 2007

In “Rillsoft Project 2007” is a software for project management. With the application, you have the opportunity to plan projects on the basis of appointments and display them as a bar graph or network. In addition, you can export your projects to Microsoft Excel or download it for web representation in XML format. The freeware version of the program can be used after the test time for scheduling and appointment management.

Remlap KnowledgeBase

If you are working on many projects and get a flood of matching documents, you can help “Remlap Knowledge Base”. Once cataloged, you assign all documents specific projects using the software.