If you have a big image which you want to compress or you want to convert the photo image to different formats like jpg to png, jpg to gif or png to gif etc you need software which do them for you. But there are some websites which do these tasks for free and you don’t have to install any software for that. Below are some of the website I have listed which allow you to compress, convert, crop or even edit your picture.

1. online-utility.org

It supports almost 100 major image formats. You need to upload the picture and choose the format to convert, website give you the link to the converted picture and you are done.

2. coolutils.com

Very few formats to choose from, but they have option to resize and rotate the image after conversion is done.

3. convertmyimage.com

Convert picture to JPG, PNG, PIC, gif, tiff, BMP, RPG, XPM, EPS, ps etc. Converting the image to ps would be an advantage for photoshop users.

4. pictureresize.org

Huge list for file formats. Easy to convert but can not edit the picture.

5. online-image-converter.com

Online image converter as well as editor. Some of the features are cropping, resizing, changing brightness and contrast.

6. converthub.com

Easy online tool to convert Simple formats, format matrix is given on the website.

7. go2convert.com

8. fixpicture.org

9. online.batchphoto.com

10. image.online-convert.com

They have some movie formats to convert from. You can even upload movie formats like MPEG, Avi and convert them to jpg and other still picture formats.