A freelancer or freelance worker is a commonly used term for a person who is self-employed and not dedicated to a particular client for long term job. People searching for ‘work from home’ have many opportunities available then they usually think. Freelance writing, for example, provides many opportunities for an individual. Now in today’s internet era, we can find really a vast numbers of freelance writing jobs to choose from. To start with the work, you should have good grammar and research skills. Blog posts, product description to an expert article, on the internet, there is something for every freelance writer.


Required skills

Writing skills is the main criteria for a freelance writer. You must have good knowledge of English and grammar. After that, you need to be well organized as well as motivated to do the job at home. There are many tools suggested to improve your writing skills, as well as grammar one. A website such as helps you to improve and detect your grammatical errors, it includes plagiarism checker as well.

Qualifications for online writing

To earn money online, you have to meet few basic requirements.

  • Internet connection.
  • You have to manage time efficiently.
  • You should have knowledge in one or two special areas for example health, technology or home improvement.
  • A solid grasp of English spelling and grammar.

Online writing jobs

So, here we are listing some of the main writing jobs for the beginners. You might find it helpful and get start doing the job right now.

  1. Product description writing: So now if you are looking for work in freelance writing, the product description is the good place to start with. In this, you’ll be challenging many experienced people for this kind of work. Product descriptions are usually very short or require several lengths. One of the benefits for these kinds of writing job is that the clients only require one or two product descriptions.
  2. Creative writing: Is fiction you are interested in? Then creative writing is the best for you. Search for genre-focused websites, online literary magazines, or specializing sites in fiction. The unique part of freelance fiction writing is that your writing work will be judged on your own merits, and off course, the experience usually leads to higher level of quality in work. The disadvantage of freelance creative writing is that the pay is usually much low than its nonfiction freelance writing jobs.
  3. SEO content writing: In this type of writing, client demands the content that is ranked best in search engine websites. This is a very common starting place for any new beginner who wants to write for the web. But we have some problems with this kind of job. Firstly, Google is not so keen for anything which is written especially for search engine. The writers are usually paid very low, as little as $5/article or even less than that. So if you choose to write as an SEO content writer, make sure you find a client who understands the key to good search engine optimization and value of quality writing.
  4. Blog writing: There are many blogging jobs available for the beginners and, in fact, wide number of publically advertised blogging jobs would come under this area. Blog writing has much higher payscale if one builds his experience. The best part about freelance blogging is that it is really very easy to prepare your own writing samples. You can start your own blog, write a blog in your specialty area and you can use it in your portfolio as well.
  5. Social media writing: Social writing jobs are open for new writers. This writing contains creating social networking profiles, writing and posting new and original contents, interacting with client’s followers and customers. If you are choosing to work in this area of freelance writing, the best way is you should work with a firm. The problem is when you are going alone as a beginner; it’s easy to make a mistake. Your one wrong move in social media can damage your client’s reputation. So until you get a firm grip on this type of writing, it’s better to work through a middleman client from whom you can learn a lot.

These freelance writing jobs for beginners can provide understanding and knowledge of the job. Freelance writing is an excellent way to make part time wages from your home, it offers flexibility in work and can be done from anywhere.