BySlideMenu is a Mootools plugin that will let easily create beautiful folding menu (javascript accordion menu or sliding menu). Support horizontal and vertical direction. Length/width of the container can automatically adjust the menu. You can use mouse over or click, expandable/fixed menu can be configured. Menu can be set to the default location. Support for Overflow.
slide menu accordion

jQuery Collapser

JQuery collapser is a multipurpose folding plugin can be used to expand and contract the page elements. This plugin can be used to create the javascript accordion, list collapser, and other functions. For some reason the demo page is not working.

Elegant Accordion with jQuery and CSS3

With unique properties, using CSS3 and jQuery techniques to create a beautiful Accordion control. It works on mouse moves and automatically expand the picture.
mouse hover accordion

Easy Accordion

Easy Accordion is a highly flexible jQuery plugin to quickly create horizontal folding accordion. Tt supports multiple instances for same page, that means user can created multiple accordion on single page. Collapsible arbitrary content such as pictures, lists or Flash. Appearance is fully customizable through CSS classes.
flexible folding accordion

Easy Expand jQuery collapsible accordion

Easy Expand jQuery can be used on the single page to easily and quickly create multiple collapsible panels. It can simultaneously switch all the accordion on single switch. Best fit accordion for FAQ page to create collapsible FAQ.
collapsible accordion

Standard collapsible jQuery plugin – liteAccordion

LiteAccordion is a horizontal folding effect used to quickly create an attractive jQuery plugin. its size is only around 1.4kb. It can display any HTML elements including: images, text, video and Flash. You can set up an unlimited number of Slide, you can also select which slide you want to display first. There are also some other parameters you can configure such as speed, AutoPlay, moved to suspend. LiteAccordion also supports custom skins, it already comes with 2 skins you can choose from.
beautiful light accordion

moo.fx accordion

This is a horizontal Tab-style collapse control.
Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.14.01 PM

Completely Flexible Accordion

This is highly flexible and customizable accordion.
Flexible accordion

Accordion with color transition

When you switch between different Panel, accordion will have color transform. This is mootools accordion.
fresh colorful accordion

Accordion using MooTools

A MooTools javascript accordion, very simple and easy to integrate this collapsible control.

accordion in mootools

Horizontal accordion: jQuery

Based on the jQuery, very simple control collapses in the horizontal direction. Best suited for collapsable comments reply.
accordion for comments

Smallest Accordian

The Accordion is only 2K, is the current smallest folding accordion.
smallest collapsible accordion

jQuery-Horizontal Accordion

Beautiful horizontal Accordion with XBOX360 blade interface style.
xbox style accordion

jQuery hover accordion

This is a simply full screen accordion, it can activate by just hovering of mouse.
full screen accordion

jQuery plugin: Accordion

JQuery plugin for creating a folded menu.
jquery accordion

Accordion Menu script

Collapsible menu based on the jQuery development.
collapsible menu

jQuery Collapse

This plugin provides you an accessible and lightweight solution to a widely adopted interface pattern known as progressive disclosure.
Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 10.16.51 PM