Launched by Google in September 2010, is an URL shorterner service. Created originally for the purpose of passing and sharing links within Google Inc. itself it has now grown to include external links by all (that too free of cost).

What exactly is a URL Shorterner?

A very helpful service that shortners long web addresses into shorter ones, so as to ease sharing and coping links. They help create short URLs that direct the user on a click to the original long URL itself. (A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator). If this process is done correctly the click through from the short to the original long URL is seamless with the user not even being aware of this process.

The increasing use and share of URLs in the digital shape has catapulted the requirement for such services, since sharing long URL is very cumbersome and often not possible on social media platforms (Twitter with limited character limitation), SMSs or evn emails.

Why use URL shortener?

There are numerous services in the digital space that do just that abbreviate or shorten URLs like, or even . But there are a number of reasons you ought to use URL shortener instead of these, since it comes from the house of Google itself you don’t have the risk of running into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) issues with your links. As one of the main reasons links are created in the first place are to get better Google page ranking and if you opt for URL shortener you are sure to be safe in this respect.

Also most such shortening services are or can be risky, since many are flash in the pan they come and go. Thereby risking you with having live links that are disabled, since the service or app you were using for shortening went out of business. And with Google being a digital giant you are sure for the service to last. And in the rare case of it being stopped or changed – they will surely give you advance warning or a trustworthy solution to migrate before (since they care for their users) .

It is easy to keep all your data at one place with google. As you must be using a Google Account for other services and things it is easy and seamless to stick to google for this service too, you are sure all your information and data is in one place, with you already existing Google Account.

The features of URL shortener URL Shortener not only lets you enter long URL so that it can create a shortened version (like other services) but also creates a dashboard to keep all your URLs in one place so that that you can evade duplication along with view them all at a glance. provides link analytics. Since it comes from Google you are sure to get more, this service provides various useful details like when the link was created, how many users clicked on the link etc. There is also an option to hide (not disable the re-direct ) already existing URL’s from this dashboard. And  a feature of Spam reporting ( that lets its users report URLs shortening abuses or wrong use.

How to use URL shortener ?

  1. Log into your Google then go to the page of
  2. Enter the long URL you wish to shorten and press shorten URL button.
  3. Copy the URL to your clipboard ( CTRL +C) and past the url wherever you want. creates unique short URLs. So even if some other user has created a shorter link to the same website, your link will be unique.  So when you analysis or track your link, your study will show how many people clicked you particular url. You can also get details about visitors via a visual graph that is easy to understand and decode.

The Analytics are for public view

One issue with is that the analytics are all public. You can track anyone elses URL too (by simply adding .info or + at the end of the URL), so you can find out how many people clicked the shortened url to go to the original page . But you cannot know who posted it.