The upcoming Google Input/Output developer conference 2014 is again in the limelight. The search engine giant snapped up a number of companies in course of 12 months and unveiled some unique products. So what’s next? would be an obvious question to be asked. May be we would see smart watches, smart home technology or even new Android 5.0 treat for the consumers. We have prepared a gist of predictions before the actual event commences.
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Android 5.0

Android KitKat is now 7-8 months old and until the start of the conference, it would be nine months old. Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 was launched 8 months after the Honeycomb, Jelly Bean 4.1 came out the same time period after the ICS and the KitKat 4.4 replaced major update of Jelly Bean 4.3 in just two months of time, although the first Jelly Bean 4.1 was launched way back in June 2012. So there are high chances that we can get the new Android flavor in the upcoming conference. The new version could be christened as Android Key Lime Pie 5.0 skipping over Android 4.5. New features in this operating system could be the integration of cross platform messaging services, new applications that could be part of Google’s upcoming smart watches and several new features that will improve the user interface.
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Google Nexus 8

As 8-inch tablets are gaining momentum in the market, it is highly expected that Google will launch an 8-inch Nexus tablet to counter the ones in the market. The sweet spot between 7 and 9 inch tablets have long been a matter of chitchat across the interweb. The first rumor was triggered by an unintentional leak from Google’s official website wherein a picture a woman is holding an 8-inch tablet which looks different from the Nexus 7 with narrowed down bezels. Secondly, it seems to be obvious that Google will counter LG G Pad 8.3 and the latest flagship tablet from Samsung Galaxy 8 Pro. The so called ‘Nexus-8’ could sport a Quad Core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM with Full HD display and the latest flavor of Android in 16/32 GB models. Google typically launches Android updates on a new device, so ASUS or LG may already be working on the project.
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Google Watch

There are high possibilities that smart watches driven by Google’s Android Wear operating system would be revealed at the conference, but there are less chances of the official smart watch from Google being launched. LG G Watch and Motorola Moto 360 may be showcased to the world in the upcoming event while HTC is expected to release an Android powered smart watches in the near future.
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Updates to Google Glass

The wearable smart Glass was first demoed by Google two years back and the consumer version was launched in early April 2014 on the same wild price tag of $1500. So this time it would be available as a mass production version in low price tag with lots of application support compare to the previous year. But there are fewer possibilities Google will lower the price tag. If this happens, it would be a slap on the face who bought the Glass on much hyped one-day sale offer and the newer and cheaper version arriving just two months later. Instead of this, it is expected that it would be updated to newer API level.
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Updates to Chromecast

No doubt Chromecast dongles became an instant hit, at least in the U.S where it is currently being sold. It is possible that Google may launch this device to other prime destinations of the world with more app support in order to counter Apple TV and the Roku Streaming USB stick.

New products from Nest Labs

We all know that few months back Google acquired Nest Labs, the home automation company that manufactures Wi-Fi enabled devices, smoke detectors and self-learning thermostats. And Google has just started to sell Nest thermostats at Google Play Store. It protects smoke and detects CO2. It could be updated for better handling while a few of such automation products can be announced in the conference that could change the way our home appliances works.
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The event is scheduled to kick-off in the last week of June and the interesting thing would be the live streaming of the conference. So we have crossed our fingers and waiting for the mega event.